VICU A Special Talent Taking Us All “Back To The Future Love”

Welcome to episode #296 of dHarmic Evolution

Our guest today is a young man who has made a name for himself in the music industry. He is a self-taught producer, audio engineer, musician, singer and songwriter. “Complementary”, his first EP was released May of this year and people are raving about it. Let’s welcome all the way from Maryland, Vicu!



His songs “BTTFL” (Back to the Future Love), “Blame it on Me”, and “Something About Her” to name a few showcase Vicu’s unique sound, fantastic guitar techniques and skills that perfectly combined with his modern edge songwriting and creative phrasing. Moreover, his songs have brought love, hope, and inspiration to a lot of people.

Being one of the top promising producers, Vicu has worked with some of the amazing artists in the industry. Most recently, he has worked with Matt Viers, his production partner, on none other than Rihanna’s upcoming album.

As a musical producer and an artist

Vicu’s passion is to bring out the best in people. Consequently, he finds it joyful to help artists along the way. As a matter of fact, Vicu has developed a lot of artists, groups, and even rappers especially in his state, Maryland. Not only does he have a pursuit to produce and develop artists, but also Vicu wanted to be an artist himself. Through cultivating his fellows, it really helped him get sharp with production and songwriting. He is also a self-taught artist and very hands-on. Growing up he would sit and watch Youtube to learn how to play songs on a guitar. Over the years he has also developed his one-of-a-kind writing skill, and the lyrics of his songs captivate the hearts of many.

Balancing producing, artistry, and life

Having a lot on his plate right now, running his production company with his friend Matt Viers, working with other artists, and at the same time being an artist himself, Vicu still manages to balance everything that is happening in his life. On the other side of the spectrum, in these difficult times when people in general lost a lot this year, whether it be happiness, rough situations, or even people. Vicu was one of those people; he actually lost four of his loved ones this year. He even opened up about a detail in his personal life – that he is adopted from Romania. Knowing that information, Vicu’s outlook is to take full advantage of his life and just make the most of it. Despite all these, he remains positive and grateful with all the blessings and opportunities that are being showered upon him.

More of Vicu

Connect with, support, and learn more about Vicu’s music, artistry, production, and everything in between through the links below. 


3:58 Vicu’s journey to producing and being and artist

8:52 Listen to “Blame it on me” by Vicu

12:55 What did Vicu start with and what is he currently using on his audio development journey?

15:46 Listen to “BTTFL” (Back to the Future Love) by Vicu

19:47 What possessed Vicu to write the song, “BTTFL”?

20:32 At what part of the journey with making “BTTFL” did Vicu feel that he is into something special?

24:56 A glimpse of Vicu’s production company and the balance with producing and artistry

26:22 Vicu’s learnings and outlook in life as an adopted child

32:37 Listen to “Something About Her” by Vicu

36:05 Who are Vicu’s musical influences?

45:40 Listen to “Coconut Rum” by Vicu

48:28 Why “Coconut Rum” is Vicu’s one of favorite songs?

53:59 If Vicu’s stuck in a desert island, which 3 records will he take with him?

57:02 Vicu’s thoughts on marketing and Spotify

1:04:47 Shoutout to everyone listening on the show; best place to connect with Vicu

1:07:06 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist

“Rising dHarmic Stars” is the Spotify Playlist to keep an eye on!, it has

past stand out guests that you simply must give a listen to here!



Just being somebody that could bring things out of people, I really love doing that a lot with this music stuff.


The discovery of learning to do new things, you know, being able to do something you couldn’t do yesterday as an artist is a joy like no other.


Music makes itself once that becomes available to you. And once you become available to yourself, and that just takes time. It takes growth…it takes going through things, uncomfortable things…growing up is uncomfortable for everybody.


I have to take advantage of my life, and just make sure I make the most of it.

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Darrell Williams
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Michael Jackson
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Erin Coburn, Blues, Ambition, and a Burning Passion for Guitar!

Welcome to episode #295 of dHarmic Evolution

Let’s Rock and Roll with Erin Coburn

Today we’ve got something special – a young lady who is just a badass in rock and roll with an intense passion for audio engineering, guitars, and blues music. Wow! This girl is one of a kind!


Our guest for today is just 19 years old, yet her talent is so palpable. Let’s welcome on the show, musician, vocalist, and lyricist, Erin Coburn!

How did Erin get into music?

With all kinds of different music coming from each area of their house, Erin was indeed surrounded by music even at a young age. Her parents and brother are also listening to music 24/7. But what really sparked the interest in Erin was her dad’s guitar which she tried to play and claimed it her own when she was just 2 years old.

As far as blues goes, her third guitar teacher introduced her to that music genre during their first lesson. It was when her teacher started playing around and doing solo that made her intrigued about blues. It is such a raw form of music. And what attracted Erin the most is that with blues, it’s just whatever you feel; it’s a straight expression.

Inside stories about her songs

The first song played on the show today is entitled “Everybody” which streamed from moments when life gets overwhelming, from everyone trying to get attention, and trying to do a million things at once.

The next song is called “It’s Over” was played with a Fender Stratocaster that her grandpa helped her get when she was younger. It was one of her favorite guitars.

And her song, “Misfit” is her newest single. It came from Rudoph Christmas Special where they sing “why am I such a misfit”. This song is a message to everyone that it is okay not to fit in; it is cool to be unique.

Thoughts about streaming services

For Erin, streaming services is wonderful from the consumer’s point of view. On the other hand, as an artist, the idea is also great. Through streaming services like Spotify, artists can connect with fans at the push of a button. However, the tables have definitely turned. There is not a big enough value on what musicians are doing today. She believes that listeners/consumers need to put a value on the artists on social media.

More about Erin

Connect with Erin and get to know more about her life and music through the links listed below.


2:46 Who in Erin’s family inspired her to get into music?

4:47 Listen to “Everybody” by Erin Coburn

9:19 Inside story about the song, “Everybody”

11:41 When did Erin get interested in audio engineering?

14:58 Listen to “It’s Over” by Erin Coburn

19:17 Erin describing her Strandberg guitar

20:56 Listen to Erin play a couple of riffs on her guitar

23:03 What is the most intriguing part of the audio production for Erin?

26:29 Who are Erin’s musical influences?

30:52 Listen to “Out from Under” by Erin Coburn

39:31 Who gives the cue when Erin’s using the backing track live?

42:00 What is Erin’s take on Spotify and streaming in general?

47:21 Story about Erin’s newest single: “Misfit”

49:26 Listen to “Misfit” by Erin Coburn

55:11 Shoutout to Erin’s fans!

56:44 When is her studio going to be built?

56:56 A glimpse of Erin’s family

59:03 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor 



Sometimes you just need to take a step back and write a song


Blues is such a raw form of music. And it’s like a straight expression. Like there’s no thinking. It’s just whatever you feel and I think that’s what really attracted me to it.


I love to mix it up and do the unexpected


I wanted to let them know that, it’s okay to not fit in or to not feel like you fit in. It’s cool. It’s cool to be unique.


I love it when somebody really embraces an instrument. And takes it to continue to take it up to new levels.

Connect with Asiah

Website –

Spotify –

Facebook –

Youtube –

Instagram –

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The Black Keys

Cage the Elephant

Joe Satriani

Matt O’ree

Bruce Springsteen

Leslie West

B.B. King

Gary Clark Jr.

Janis Joplin

Michael Jackson


Asiah Million, Celebrating “Dreams, Love, and Music”

Asiah Million, Celebrating “Dreams, Love, and Music”

Welcome to episode #294 of dHarmic Evolution

 Asiah Million, Celebrating “Dreams, Love, and Music”

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Asiah is one of seven siblings. Growing up, she is surrounded by music all across the board. Hence, she is greatly influenced by her family from sharing interests with her siblings, admiration of her mother’s strength, to motherhood with her wonderful children, Taiwan, and Ocean.

New Book: “Dreams, Love, and Music Lifestyle Revised”

Together with her new book, Asiah has written tracks to go along with the chapter titles. This will soon be released as an album, so watch out for it!

Moreover, Asiah has fascinatingly tied her music to the stories in her book. This was born out of the desire to be true to herself and do something that really makes sense. Owing to the fact that Asiah knew she can better express herself through music, and that is her truth. She wanted to tell a story but wanted to do it musically so that it could be authentic.

Let’s get to know about the stories and adventures that came along with writing and making her singles:

Firstly, “DLM” was done at her home last June. She felt alone and was a little depressed at this time because of the pandemic. Consequently, this has been her inspiration to write this song to give a good vibe to everyone because there was just so much going on. Her son has helped her with the arrangement and recording of the song; the track is done by the great musician, Arden Altino.

Secondly, in the book, Asiah talked about what gives her the drive, and that’s how she found her purpose. As a result, she was able to write the song “Driven”. Music is so powerful to Asiah’s life that it can make her forget about the negativities in life. That is why she started doing the songs for each chapter of the book. She wanted to inspire people to get up, get out, and do what they’ve got to do.

Lastly, “Her Story” is chapter one in the book. This was about a young lady telling her story to Asiah. It was about how the girl got out of one relationship that held her back. Then she met a guy who totally supported what she was doing.

Get to know more about Asiah

The best place to connect with Asiah is through her Instagram, @TheContinent. In addition, get to know more about her music and books from the websites listed below.


3:20 On tying music to the stories in her books
5:13 Listen to “DLM” (Dreams, Love, and Music) by Asiah Million
10:00 Studio process and journey on creating the song “DLM”
13:10 On being one of seven children in the family
20:14 Listen to “Driven” by Asiah Million
23:28 The adventure of writing the book and sharing it musically
27:03 How are things now in New York?
30:21 What is Asiah’s favorite thing to do when she goes into the studio and work with people?
33:13 Asiah’s favorite setup in the studio as far as instrumentation
34:28 Story behind the Asiah’s song “Her Story”
35:17 Listen to “Her Story” by Asiah Million
41:51 Asiah’s writing process
45:22 What is her take on Spotify?
48:42 Connect with Asiah
51:31 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor


4:43 I want to tell a story, but I want to do it musically so that it can be authentic.

12:00 You know what, for those who feel like they’re going through something alone, you can actually play music and be okay.

25:00 I wanted it to inspire people that really get up, get out and do what you got to do.

25:48 … celebrate your life, whatever your life is. And I think that’s why God tells us don’t compare yourself to anyone.

25:25 This song is for the women to really like, understand how powerful you are. Even if you’re going to be at home wife, be that great. Turn on your music and do the dishes and wash clothes and just be happy. Whatever you decide to do, just do it well.

31:47 So paying attention always served me better than trying to get attention.

Connect with Asiah

Website –
Facebook – @AsiahTheContinent
Instagram – @TheContinent
Twitter – @AsiahMillion
Youtube – @AsiahTheContinent

Check out Asiah’s book: “Dreams, Love, and Music Lifestyle Revised”
Amazon –“Dreams, Love, and Music Lifestyle Revised”
Barnes & Noble – “Dreams, Love, and Music Lifestyle Revised”

Selected links and mentions

Sean “Diddy” Combs
Teddy Riley
Cory Rooney
Adina Howard
Mary J. Blige
Anita Baker
Arden “Keyz” Altino
Jerry Wonda
Wyclef Jean
Michael Jackson
The Bangles

Spotlight Series No 2, Featuring Stand Out Artists & Future dHarmic Stars!

Spotlight Series No 2, Featuring Stand Out Artists & Future dHarmic Stars!

Welcome to episode #293 of dHarmic Evolution

Todays show is very special. I will be featuring four of the best interviews I have done on the dHarmic Evolution. The links to the full interviews will be shown below. 

Lets indulge in the stories and music of these singer-songwriters, vocalists, and musicians who are certainly extra special in what they do.  

So, who do we have today? We have: 

Luna Keller  
Marc Jordan  
Alyssa Marie Coon
Savannah Morris  

Interview with Luna Keller

Our first ever Spanish artist. Luna Keller is all the way from the Canary Islands. I was very honored to have her on the show six months ago. With so much experience, talent, and passion at such a tender age, Luna Kellers unique blend of songwriting, teamwork production, and instrument playing will dazzle any music fan out of their seats! 

Lunas song featured on the show today is Alice is in love with a Mad Hatter 

You can listen to Lunas full interview here: 

Interview with Marc Jordan

Next is a true music legend, brilliant songwriter, music inspiration, and a talented artist from Canada, Marc Jordan. Additionally, he is the writer of Rod Stewarts famous song Rhythm of my Heart and has written many other hits for major artists. 

Jordan has already been the recipient of several music awards including the ASCAP, JUNO, and the Smooth awards. Despite having already accomplished so much in the industry, the drive and passion that Jordan has for music and songwriting, according to him, is deeper and more profound than its ever been. 

Marcs song featured on this episode is a romantic smooth jazz rendition of Joni Mitchells Both Sides Now 

You can listen to Marcs full interview here: 

Interview with Alyssa Marie Coon 

Now lets go down to Florida as we listen to Alyssa Marie Coons music. I think she was 15 or 16 when she guested on the show. Her vocals are simply incredible, listening to her, you could easily forget that shes just a teenager. Not only does this young woman have undoubtedly a great and special voice, but she is also a gifted songwriter who plays piano, guitar, and ukulele.  

Listen to Alyssas featured song on this episode Country Girl 

You can listen to Alyssas full interview here: 

Savannah Morris

Last but not least is Savannah Morris from Nashville, Tennessee. As one of the 8 Nashville Natives, Savannah feels blessed both career-wise and socially by networking and linking with a lot of the Native locals in the music and entertainment industry, all of whom have supported and helped her evolve and get better with her music. 

Moreover, I want to ask everyone to pray for Savannah. She has recently recovered from COVID-19. On the other hand, she has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and is now being treated.  

Savannah comes from royalty. Her whole family is rooted in music. If my memory serves me right, her father still plays for Loretta Lynn and her mom has done vocals for Elvis Presley, and many other huge stars. 

Listen to Savannahs featured song on the show Kudzu (a wildflower that grows in Tennessee) 

You can listen to Savannahs full interview here: 


00:25 Spotlight Series Number Two 

2:56 Luna Keller  

4:08 Listen to Alice is in Love with a Mad Hatter by Luna Keller  

7:37 Marc Jordan 

9:11 Listen to the rendition of Both Sides Now by Marc Jordan 

16:26 Alyssa Marie Coon 

17:32 Listen to Country Girl by Alyssa Marie Coon 

21:14 Savannah Morris 

23:26 Listen to Kudzu by Savannah Morris 

29:16 Listen to Connected by James Kevin OConnor 

Connect with Luna




Connect with Marc





Connect with Alyssa 

Connect with Savannah 

Selected links and mentions 

Joni Mitchell 

Rod Stewart 

Loretta Lynn 

Elvis Presley 

World Maestro, Colin O’Donohoe, Conductor of the Pangean Orchestra

Into the life of Cory Singer, On music and being in the higher end of the spectrum

Welcome to episode #292 of dHarmic Evolution

It is with pleasure for me to introduce the only symphony conductor we have ever had on the Dharmic Evolution. Drummer, composer, and “World Maestro”, let’s welcome for the third time on the show, Colin Donohoe!

The last twelve months have been both awesome and crazy for Colin. He and his wife, Ceren, wanted to be away and be in the woods to concentrate on the projects they are working on. Hence, they are currently in the beautiful state of Oregon. Unfortunately, there was a major fire in Oregon recently. Colin expressed his gratefulness and admiration to the dedicated team of firefighters. In dire circumstances, the team was able to drive the residents away from the fire while they were driving into the fire. And because of these efforts, they were able to come back safely home.

Pivotal moments in Mongolia

About a year ago, Colin embarked on a tour to Japan, South Korea, and Mongolia. This was a part of the project he was working on for his orchestra, “The Pangean Orchestra” wherein he interviews at least one musician from every country. He delved into the approaches, technical aspects of the instruments, and just learning their music in general.

One of the most pivotal moments for him was in Mongolia where he was able to see a lot of concerts, jam with bands backstage, and what it is like to be a musician in Mongolia. He jammed with the musicians using his Kanjira which is an Indian drum (a very small frame drum, but it gives the characteristics of a drum set). Although they needed a translator from Mongolian or other languages to English, these musicians are totally eloquent. They blended pretty well and music has been their language.

The Prayer Garden

This project was born in Mongolia. Colin and Ceren went there to unplug from the world, get away from news and social media. Moreover, they went to the Gobi Desert, where there was no WiFi, literally nothing except endless sky and white foxes. Consequently, they were forced to live in the moment and just have a spiritual and peaceful time.

Then at one of the concerts in Mongolia, they heard a woman announcer mispronouncing some English words. It sounded like “Prayer Garden”, but she actually said player something. As a result, the epiphany came to Colin, and realized that it is a good concept. However, his father died in February. Then they came back to Arizona to be with his mother, unfortunately, COVID-19 broke out.

Due to the pandemic where everyone cannot go out and Colin had to take care of his mother, Colin, also needed an escape from everything that was going on. And so together with Ceren, they created The Prayer Garden. Wanting to be in a good space and just getting away from the anxiety, and apprehension during the pandemic, and also the recent loss of his father, Colin was able to write these incredible tracks. It initially started as a live stream, then he continued working out on the music and created a cinematic soundscape that would go underneath it. Because The Prayer Garden is supposed to bring the listener deeper into a meditational or relaxed state, he wanted to play something that was a bit of a flourish and a bit virtuosic, but also musical; it has to be melodic. He always makes sure the spirit of the piece is paramount, and that his playing should only be supporting the piece which is to bring people into peace and calm.

Check out The Prayer Garden from the links below; this was just released on 10/16/2020. He also released an EP called The Sunset Serenity Mixes.

Amazon  Facebook  Instagram  Spotify


4:32 Experiences in Oregon and the recent major fire

8:19 Asian tour and pivotal moments in Mongolia

12:44 Listen to “Eloquent” by Colin O’Donohoe

16:50 The birth of “The Prayer Garden” album

25:54 Listen to “Inhale” by Colin O’Donohoe

30:24 Music is an escape and writing the tracks

33:32 Using space in music

38:11 Listen to “Morning Air” by Colin O’Donohoe

43:21 Where did Colin record the tracks

45:22 Plans on where to go next

49:52 Listen to “Solace” by Colin O’Donohoe

55:53 Does Colin find it difficult to connect with English translators when he interviews musicians from other countries

59:54 How are Colin’s kids doing?

1:00:26 Words of wisdom from Colin

1:04:35 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor


It’s funny you wrote the track. But as you’re recording and practicing to it, you let the track speak to you. And you start to learn the track, and it’s weird because you created it. You should know what the track wants, but now the track is its own entity. It’s it is own thing. It has its own characteristics. And you listen back at it, you say, oh! I should be playing this here. Oh, that’s what you want. And you get a relationship going with the music you just wrote.

Wherever you travel to, you bring a little piece of that back with you.

Just be alive and let your imagination take you where you want it to go. And if things work, you know, somehow get into your mind while you’re listening. That’s fine. You know, let it go in there and then let it pass out like a wave and then just be alive in the moment of the music.

One thing a lot of composers and performers forget is that one of the best things they can do with their music and with their instrument is just not played. Because silence is a note.

It’s called embrace the silences because that’s what makes music so beautiful is the spaces

We’re not trees. We don’t have these roots that stick us in the ground. We’re human, and humans have moved throughout the history of our species, we move.

If there’s someplace you’ve always wanted to go to, then start making it a dream of “I’ve always wanted to see Australia or Ireland” or wherever, and make a plan to go there. Set yourself a plan and a course on how to get there.

If you’re just so passionate about what you’re doing, then it’s just fun to get up every day.

But I would encourage all of us for all of our sakes, to take some time out every day, close your phones, close your computers, meditate, go for a walk with the trees. And take some time to get to know yourself. Because it’s so easy with the things on our phone to just forget who we are.

Connect with Colin


Instagram @worldmaestro

Facebook @worldmusicmaestro



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James Brown
Mark Twain

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Sarah Christine, Shows Us How We Are All “In it Together”

Sarah Christine, Shows Us How We Are All “In it Together”
Welcome to episode #291 of dHarmic Evolution

We’re heading out west today. All the way from Colorado, let’s take a ride on the musical journey with the sole theme of “In It Together” with singer-songwriter Sarah Christine!

With eclectic inspirations from pop, indie, folk, to even electronic sounds, Sarah Christine’s music is undeniably rare. She enjoys the technicality behind EDM and finds interest in learning how to put that together and produces some of that music on her own.

Sarah Christine’s journey unravels the cathartic episodes she has experienced and overcome in life. She once faced a near-death accident when she got hit by an F-150 truck. Consequently, her experiences in life, even when she was still juggling her corporate job and music career to going full time in music and everything in between ended up pointing her to what she is here for.

Moreover, these have been the inspirations to the lyrics of her songs. “Like the Movies” was about her getting married at a young age; everything seemed awesome, then things started breaking apart. One day, she woke up literally with nothing.

On a lighter note, when she just moved from Minneapolis to Colorado. Her neighbor was throwing a rager and blasting some John Mayer songs on a vinyl player at about 2 a.m. She got up and knocked on the neighbor’s door. Instead of asking him to lower the volume, she asked him to turn the music up. She got hooked with the music. As a result, she was inspired to write “Summer Nights”

Thoughts about streaming services, dealing with the pandemic

Sarah Christine is adapting to the emerging streaming services by learning the nitty-gritty like the QR code with Spotify, setting up playlists, understanding how everything interconnects with the algorithm, and how that to connects with other platforms. She believes that these platforms are invaluable to her. Hence, she focuses on how can she use the platforms to get as many people as possible and try to connect with them through her songs. And from there, she tries to figure out how to build relationships with those people.

Like with any other businesses, Sarah Christine’s career is also affected by the pandemic. 52 shows that she has set up herself have now been canceled. Right now, Sarah Christine is working on private shows and doing custom songs on the side. Above all, the value is the relationship she builds with and the lessons she learns from the people she writes the songs for.

Learn more about Sarah Christine

To know more about her life, music, or should you ever wish to have a custom song made by the one and only Sarah Christine, please do not hesitate to visit her website and other links listed below.


3:28 How does she prefer to be called?

5:24 Who are Sarah Christine’s musical influences?

8:28 Listen to “Summer Nights” by Sarah Christine

13:34 Story behind “Summer Nights”

16:36 Listen to “For You” by Sarah Christine

22:47 The love for vinyl players

27:21 What are her thoughts about streaming services both as a consumer and an artist?

31:47 Listen to “Like the Movies” by Sarah Christine

37:00 Story behind “Like the Movies”

42:44 Continuation of the discussion about streaming services and dealing with the pandemic

50:26 Listen to “Aspen” by Sarah Christine

57:18 The story about the accident she was involved in with an F-150 truck

1:04:08 Connect with Sarah Christine

1:05:14 Parting message and motivational words

1:07:31 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor


The mistakes are sometimes the best part of the music.

I replaced all the anger and hatred with love and forgiveness. And once I did that, it was like, oh man! The world is off my shoulders.

You have certain things that happen, where they end up pointing you into what is your purpose, what are you here for.

I think I think we have to just try to enjoy the journey a little bit more on the way I mean, it can be frustrating, but I think if we get a few little victories along the way, it’s okay to stop and just, you know, celebrate that, you know

The universe tends to provide I think, what you’re doing what you love

Stay strong out there on your worst days. It will get better, just keep pushing forward.

Connect with Sarah Christine

Website –

Instagram –

Facebook –

Spotify –

Apple Music –

Buzz Music –

Deezer –

Selected links and mentions

Ellie Goulding

Amos Lee

John Mayer

Fleetwood Mac

Led Zeppelin

Taylor Swift


Joe Rogan

Tim Ferris


Megan Nadin, Debut Album “This Was Then” One of Her Beautiful Things

Megan Nadin, Debut Album “This Was Then” One of Her Beautiful Things
Welcome to episode #290 of dHarmic Evolution

It’s always a joy for me to see when someone is blessed with musical talent and then decides to share her blessings with others. I am very delighted to be joined today by a musician with a good heart – Megan Nadin!

Today we will have a glimpse of Megan’s life, music, and her debut album “This Was Then”. All the way from Thunder Bay, Canada, Megan moved to the music city last January. This emerging artist has a very unique and original sound, with her voice being her main instrument, it is a surprise to many that she only started her music career in 2017. Her mission is to change lives by being an honest and authentic voice to those in need and providing hope through altruistic platforms. This is very palpable to Megan’s life because she was a teacher before she pursued her career and passion for music.

Wanting her music to be so real, she masterfully uses lyrics and melody that help paint the picture of the story, Megan is lucky enough to work with some really great creatives in the industry. Producer/songwriter Johnny Black has helped her create a demo. From there, she has built it up with the producer, Keith Thomas, who has worked with incredible people like Whitney Houston and Amy Grant. With this wonderful team, the production is stellar. The brilliance of how it was crafted around the subtleties of Megan’s voice is very evident.

Weight loss journey

Megan is not only an inspiration in her music career but also in her weight loss journey. She has lost 61 pounds! Knowing family and friends with medical conditions, and wanting to be around for a really long-time inspired Megan to make sure that she has a healthy body and mind. She apprenticed to be a chef for two years and started making her meals from scratch. It did not happen in an instant.

It also helped that Megan is surrounded by strong and empowering women helping her not to view her weight as a struggle. As an artist, she wants us to stand up for who we are as people. That it’s all about a good mindset and how people treat themselves.

Inspirations behind her songs

Beautiful Things was written when her friend gifted her the Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac. Megan and her friend were talking about the success and everything good that came from the album, but the band was suffering as a group. Unexpectedly, the lyrics came out from her mouth: “it’s crazy that some of the most beautiful things come together when things are falling apart, like the sweetest song written by a broken heart”. While the album inspired the main lyric, the actual verses are built upon a series of journal entries written down by Megan.

Heart of a Lion was Megan’s first opportunity to work with the producer, Keith Thomas. It was her first writing session with Keith, and he just started playing the piano and Megan began singing into the air. Voila! Lyrics and melodies are coming out, and the song was created within that day. This has set the precedence of their future projects together. In fact, he ended up being the executive producer of this new album.

The song was influenced by the notes that Keith was playing. It painted a picture in Megan’s head where she envisioned a person that had it all together but deep down, this person is falling apart.

The Joker was literally from the movie “Joker”. The movie unmasked and unveiled a lot of the things people deal within society. She was so moved and inspired that she was able to write the song in one night. She painted the life of this beautiful person who had been jaded and treated unfairly.

Learn more about Megan

Get to know more about Megan’s life, music, and even blogs by visiting her website. Her songs are also available on different streaming platforms listed below.


4:40 Transition from Thunder Bay, Canada to Nashville

6:31 Listen to “Beautiful Things” by Megan Nadin

13:14 Production process

16:08 Listen to “The Joker” by Megan Nadin

20:58 Megan’s weight loss journey and lifestyle change

28:19 Story behind “Heart of a Lion”

30:07 Listen to “Heart of a Lion” by Megan Nadin

34:15 How did Megan feel when she worked for the first time with Keith Thomas

35:47 The milk bath post on Instagram

36:41 Does Megan have tattoos?

41:01 Writing habits and regiments as a songwriter

42:42 What is her preferred instrument

44:22 Who are her most profound music influences

46:03 Listen to “Electric” by Megan Nadin

50:01 “Five Ways to Protect Your Energy That You Need to Try!” a blog by Megan

53:08 Story behind “The Joker”

54:58 Megan’s parting advice and message

59:57 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor


I’m hopeful some of the most beautiful things come together when they fall apart, like the sweetest song written by a broken heart.

“Because at the end of the day, we all get old. And we know our looks can only take us so far. It’s about who we are on the inside. It’s about how we treat people, and it’s about how we treat ourselves.”

“I think naturally, you’ll be more attractive no matter what weight you are, no matter how you look, or how people will perceive you there will be like an inner beauty that shines out that makes you beautiful, no matter what the physical appearance is.”

“You are enough. You have a purpose; our purpose is always changing and growing and evolving, but just go with the flow and step into the fear.”

“Fear comes up when you are on to something good; fear comes up when you are on the verge of something really good.”



Connect with Megan

Website –

Instagram –

Facebook –

Spotify –

Deezer –

Soundcloud –

Twitter –

Apple Music –

Selected links and mentions

Fleetwood Mac

Johnny Black

Keith Thomas

Vanessa Williams

Whitney Houston

Amy Grant

“Colors of the Wind” (Pocahontas soundtrack)

Joker (2019 film)

Celine Dion

Bryan Adams

Alanis Morisette

Into the life of Cory Singer, On music and being in the higher end of the spectrum

Into the life of Cory Singer, On music and being in the higher end of the spectrum
Welcome to episode #289 of dHarmic Evolution

Let’s welcome for the second time on the Dharmic Evolution, full-fledged singer/songwriter, musician, and theatre performer, Cory Singer!

What’s new with Cory?

Cory hopped on the bandwagon and started his own TikTok account with music and funny content. People started noticing him when he uploaded a video talking about autism, specifically Asperger’s disorder or high functioning autism. With the unexpected turn of events, he got many views, likes, and even questions from parents with kids who are also on The Spectrum. Cory then started putting out more content talking about what it’s like being on the higher end of the spectrum, his interests, and also the things that bother him.

His videos inspired a lot of people making them realize that they are not alone anymore and that there are others who are going through the same situation. Cory shared that this was also true to him back when he was in high school. Luckily, he has a best friend, who also has Asperger’s disorder – he has been with him even when they were students and now considers him as his brother. He highly believes that kids on the spectrum should have a safe space to talk and relate with people for them to be assured that they are not alone. Aside from his inspirational videos, Cory also uploads funny skits to make people laugh and brighten their day.

As a theatrical performer

We can recall on Cory’s past guest appearance in our podcast where his mom shared that certain people are trying to convince him to change his style of voice, but Cory stuck to his guns and grew comfortably to his own skin. He believes that in this superficial society where everybody is trying to fit in, he still chooses to be remembered by sticking out and being different. His voice is basically his brand; this led him to great opportunities especially with being part of theatre shows.

Becoming a theatrical performer has always been a dream of Cory’s. He loved watching movies and seeing productions. He got his first break when he was in grade school, and landed all the lead roles during high school. He also joined the American reality competition on Bravo called “The Kandi Factory” which sparked his interest in songwriting.

As a songwriter

For Cory, the best songs happen when he’s inspired, specifically in the evenings when he is finished working his two jobs, and he can be “in the moment” to write good songs.

In addition to being a singer, songwriter, and theatre actor, Cory is also a fulltime warehouse worker and part-timer at a local deli. He does not want to be stagnant and keeps himself busy particularly during these times when theatres and other venues for artists are shut down due to the pandemic.

Journey to becoming fit and healthy

Staying in shape is very important for singers. Cory used to be overweight, weighing in at 220 lbs! But was motivated by a songwriter in Nashville to change his lifestyle and start his journey to becoming fit. He lost 70 lbs and has maintained his weight by watching what he eats and working out.

Learn more about Cory

Get to know more about Cory, his music, theatre performances, and TikTok videos through the links below.

Stories behind some of his songs

“Everybody Sing” – This song was written in thirty (30) minutes. It is about personal freedom and everything that is happening in the world at the moment when Cory wrote this song.

“Blind in Love” – This was produced by Wes Edmunds (Wyclef Jean’s producer)

“Goodbye Felicia” – This song is the closest to Cory’s personality. It came from the term “bye Felicia”. Cory heard this from his mom when she was dealing with a specific person and she kept saying that term, so he decided to write a song about it.

“Girl”- This is stemmed from his mom encouraging him to write a romantic song because he usually writes dark and depressing songs. It is somewhat inspired by Radiohead.


2:13 Cory’s TikTok account – music, funny videos, and talking about autism

3:59 How did he feel after sharing his story

6:02 Advantages of TikTok as a platform

7:09 Thoughts about disallowing TikTok in the United States

8:25 Listen to “Everybody Sing” by Cory Singer

12:30 Juggling stage performances and musical career

14:08 Sticking to the style of his voice

16:11 What inspired Cory to become a theatrical performer

17:03 Listen to “Blind in Love” by Cory Singer

21:40 Songwriting process

24:35 Cory’s two jobs

29:52 Listen to “Goodbye Felicia” by Cory Singer

34:47 Favourite comedy actors

37:33 Skits on TikTok

38:52 Cory’s social life

40:47 journey to becoming fit and healthy, intermittent fasting

44:45 Listen to “Girl” by Cory Singer

48:59 Eclectic music inspirations

50:38 Words of wisdom

51:28 Connect with Cory

52:47 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor


I think the fact that you have that kind of bravery and transparency helps a lot of people who struggle with exactly what you struggle with.  

Kids on the spectrum should have a safe space so they can talk to people, relate to them, and know they’re not alone.

That’s how everybody should be. I feel like especially now these days, we live in such a superficial kind of society, where everybody’s trying to fit in. But that’s how you get forgotten. By sticking out and just doing you, that’s how you’re likely to be remembered.  

Some people have that in mind that work is a dirty word, a four (4) letter word they say you know, but work is such a blessing. And I was talking to some people about this recently a working physical is one of the best gifts you could ever have.  

Focus on your abilities, not your disabilities.  

Connect with Cory 

Cory Singer
Cory Singer

Selected links and mentions 

Jason Derulo
The Kandi Factory
Wyclef Jean
Rodney Dangerfield
Jim Carey
Richard Pryor
Jeff Dunham
Louis C.K.
Robin Williams
Michael Jackson
Stephen Sondheim
Neil Young
Frank Sinatra
Stevie Wonder
Pearl Jam 
Chris Cornell
Bruce Springsteen
Bobby Caldwell
Guns N’ Roses
Rolling Stones

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The Ivey’s, Family And Music, Born To Be Creative!

The Ivey’s, Family And Music, Born To Be Creative!
Welcome to episode #288 of dHarmic Evolution

With 10 years and counting of making music together, let’s get to know more about the humble beginnings, struggles, and successes of the wild sibling group – The Ivey’s!

I am joined by 4 out of 5 members of the band, unfortunately, Hugo (lead guitarist and banjo player) can’t make it today. But I am delighted to be graced by the presence of Jessica, Jenna, Galen, and Arlen here on the show.

With seven kids in the family and five of them in the group, their other sibling Julia, used to be part of the band as well, and their oldest brother Shannon is into farming, it is very evident that the family loves music so much. Their interest in music started with their dad who they always hear singing while they are growing up. Their dad also exposed them to trying different vocal harmony lines; eventually, they individually learned to play musical instruments – Jessica with piano, Arlen on guitar, Galen took drum lessons, and so from there, everything evolved into the music that they have today.

To keep the creative flow going, the siblings put a lot of time and effort into discussing, planning everything out meticulously, and establishing the goals ahead of time, even scheduling the days when they have to go to the studio for recording. Luckily, they’ve got a studio a couple of miles away from where they live, and they consider this their second home. It is called Sonic Ranch Studios located in Tornillo, Texas. Over the years, they have gotten to know a lot of different musicians and artists who they’ve got the opportunities to do a collaboration with. One of them is Jerry Ordonez, a fantastic music engineer who co-produced their last two projects, Leslie Johnson played the bass for some of the recordings, Michael Ways recorded cello with them and many other musicians.

Democracy of siblings in a band
As with all relationships, disagreements cannot be avoided, especially with The Ivey’s because not only are their siblings but bandmates as well. Their mindset is really to try to be always focused on their goals and continue moving forward, always trying to remember that it’s not one person against the other. It’s more about having different ideas and coming together for the best possible option. They will always be a family and have each other.

Get to know more about the members of The Ivey’s:

Galen is the drummer of the band; he graduated just last December with a film major. “Running Wild” is one of the first music videos he directed with his siblings. He is now in charge of the music video direction and post-production.

Jenna is 23 years old, graduated just last semester with a degree in theatre arts. She was helping the band to write songs even before she joined. She usually collaborates with Arlen when conceptualizing and writing songs, and works with Galen when filming their music videos.

Arlen tagged Jessica along when he needed a pianist and a singer. At first, they were just doing cover songs together, then Arlen started bringing in original music, and the rest is history. When Jenna and Galen joined the band, and the group recorded “Colors of Honey”, layers upon layers, getting down the piano, guitar, vocals, and hearing it all together, was when Jessica had this epiphany that these have brought The Ivey’s sound to where it needed to be and completed it.

He is the second among the seven Ivey siblings. He is the guitarist, “road manager”, and one of the songwriters of the band. Jenna and Arlen have written songs together; they sometimes write songs out of dreams, sometimes they work together and lead each other to a path, and it fits well. Something magical can happen with songwriters that are connected to each other and constantly working together. Arlen is not only the “spokesperson” of the group but he is also in charge of the bookings and schedules of their shows and tours.

Thoughts about their parents
Their dad is a firm believer in the power of art. Their parents have been so encouraging now, and as they were growing up. They are so proud of what The Ivey’s have accomplished, and they are no doubt their biggest fans.

Want to know more about The Ivey’s?
Click the links below to learn more about their music and future projects.

2:12 Humble beginnings of The Ivey’s
5:00 Listen to “You’ve Got Something” by The Ivey’s
9:33 How do they keep the creative flow going
11:25 Recording process
14:22 Listen to “Running Wild” by The Ivey’s
17:41 Get to know more about Galen
19:33 The democracy of siblings in a band
22:27 Get to know more about Jenna
24:01 Get to know more about Jessica
24:47 Songwriting Inspirations
30:04 Listen to “Colors of Honey” by The Ivey’s
36:55 Galen’s experience being on the road with the band
39:54 Arlen’s role on the band
42:28 Listen to “Once an Eagle” by The Ivey’s
47:22 The epiphany of Jessica about the sound of The Ivey’s
49:08 Collaborations with other musicians
51:07 Thoughts about their parents
54:34 Connect with The Ivey’s
55:13 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

“I would say what we try to do, is, we try because at the end of the day, you have to focus on the fact that you’re both trying to get to a goal, and you both want to do what is best for the band.”

“We’re always going to have each other. So that also makes it easier because this is a passion project. And we’re all working together for the good of it and trying to convey something and capture a bit of magic with that, so with that focus, it helps because you always get back to that and disagreements have to be resolved, because you want to continue moving forward, and you love each other. You want it to be a positive environment.”

“It’s important to be educated about music in general. But the sky’s the limit with creativity and how you can apply your own creative juices to the subject constantly and keep learning new ways to do it all the time.”

Connect with The Iveys

Website –

Youtube –


Selected links and mentions

Simon & Garfunkel
Bob Dylan
Johnny Cash
The Avett Brothers
The Eagles
The Lumineers
First Aid Kit 
Jerry Ordonez
Leslie Johnson
Michael Way – a symphony orchestra

Fingerstyle Guitar Extraordinaire Tim Farrell

Fingerstyle Guitar Extraordinaire Tim Farrell
Welcome to episode #287 of dHarmic Evolution

Join me as we take a ride today from Nashville to Pennsylvania with the musician, recording and performing artist, composer, educator, and finger-style guitar connoisseur, Tim Farrell.

Growing up jamming with friends and playing rock music, Tim eventually studied classical guitar, shifting from jazz. His eyes and ears were opened to everything that one can do, not only by playing the rhythm and lead but also melodies, bass line, and open strings, the list is endless! He then applied everything he learned from classical to steel-string guitar and combined the techniques and tones available to steel-string. Realizing that this was not just about playing a chord, but telling a story which Tim believes was one of the best compliments he received when he became the first-ever instrumentalist to play at a venue in Florida and someone quoted to him that “your story is in the music”.

Tim’s music has shades of Michael Hedges; it’s like there is practically no limit to what he can do with his imagination on the way he approaches even the tuning of the guitar. Tim, for the most time, has been using standard tuning when he came across alternate tuning with Little Martha by Leo Kottke. He figured out that he was using open E tuning and heard the potentials that open E created and intensely explored it, in fact, he keeps a guitar on hand with that definitive tuning.

Coping with the pandemic
With the current situation, Tim believes that the biggest change was not being able to play and perform his music to a larger crowd. While keeping himself active doing walks, yoga, and taking care of his crops, Tim is streaming concerts every other Sunday. He also has a scheduled online concert and workshop at the Cooperage in Pennsylvania. His concerts with his trio called StringSongs – playing alongside Michael Manring and Christopher Garcia are also currently canceled.

StringSongs was formed when Tim first met Michael on a gig and did some recording together. Eventually, they decided to make it formal, and initially joined by the Grammy-winning piano player and producer, Pat Robinson but later replaced by Christopher due to conflicts in schedule. Tim together with Michael and his fretless bass, and Christopher using a very exotic percussion – they all blend, just perfectly fit, and their music is very unique.

What’s next for Tim?
Watch out for the new solo album that he is working on. And StringSongs – with Michael and Christopher where they are now planning for the recording and rehearsals even during this time of pandemic to come up with new projects

Streaming and Music Industry
In this confusing time where CDs are going away, vinyl making a comeback, where consumers love streaming and artists hate it. Tim, who is also an educator, is continuously sharing his music and develops workshops online and onsite, performs at senior centers and performing art centers. He believes that this is an eye-opener for people to see that there are so many unexpected things that can be done with an acoustic guitar aside from strumming chords or playing solo.

To know more about Tim Farrell’s music and everything that he does, you can support him by playing his music through streaming services, ordering his CDs through his website, supporting him on his online live concerts.

2:54 How Tim got connected to finger-style acoustic playing
7:52 Alternate Tuning
9:10 Listen to “Joyride to Tranquillity”
13:49 When did he first come across the idea of starting alternative tuning
17:28 Online concert and workshop in Pennsylvania
19:04 Listen to “Rosewood Alley
25:10 StringSongs with Michael Manring and Christopher Garcia
29:38 Tim’s work ethic towards music
33:31 New solo album and plans with StringSongs
36:05 Listen to “Walk Away Renee” written by the Four Tops
40:22 Thoughts about streaming and music business
44:29 Challenges with rehearsing and recording together with Michael and Christopher
49:12: Listen to “Kindred Spirits”
53:20 Coping with the pandemic
55:52 Learn and support Tim Farrell’s music
58:13 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

In some ways, you get to be like the complete composer when you do what you do. Because It is an entire orchestra, it’s not just by playing a chord…and it just brings out so much in the story of what’s being played

And they said to me afterward, you don’t need the words, your story is in the music.

A lot of people expect that you will either be strumming chords or playing a solo, and they don’t realize you can do these other things together. It’s phenomenal to see it open people’s eyes and ears up.

I think the more your style of playing is out there, the better that songwriters will continue to develop songs in general. We will get better music because it incorporates so much imagination and so much beauty into the songs.

Connect with Tim
Apple Music:


Selected links and mentions.
Michael Hedges
Leo Kottke
Michael Manring
Christopher Garcia
Pat Robinson

Connected by James Kevin O’Connor

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