What’s “Out of the Void” with Dream Aria’s Ann Burstyn from Canada

Welcome to episode #304 of dHarmic Evolution

It feels like I’m back where I belong and that is here on the dHarmic evolution hanging out with you. We’ve got an awesome, young Spitfire lady today on the show. We got to chat with her before and it’s amazing to hear from her again. She is a singer, a lyricist, and the star performer of the band Dream Aria, Ann Burstyn!

It feels like I’m back where I belong and that is here on the dHarmic evolution hanging out with you. We’ve got an awesome, young Spitfire lady today on the show. We got to chat with her before and it’s amazing to hear from her again. She is a singer, a lyricist, and the star performer of the band Dream Aria, Ann Burstyn!

Dream Aria is one of the best Canadian Progressive rock bands that I know. They were already great before, but there has been a lot of growth and development that you can hear in their sound. The playing and the vocals have jumped way up. As they said, their motto is “No rules, no boundaries.” They don’t limit themselves to evolving their sound. We’ve got two amazing tracks featured on the show today but there are a lot more to hear from them, so check out the links below on where you can find them.

Ann updates us on how they are doing right now in Toronto, Canada – also with her daughter, health-wise, and of course, with their music. She also shares some of her hobbies and something that can help you with de-stressing.

More about Dream Aria 

Other Members:

  • Donald Stagg – Keyboardist, Composer, and sometimes lyricist
  • Garry Flint – Drummer, Producer/Engineer, Co-composer and main Composer
  • Andrew Berezowsky – Guitarist, Violinist, Vocalist

Dream Aria is virtually everywhere, but the best place to check them out is on their Facebook page. Ann and Don are both on it, checking your messages for whatever you need to reach out to them with. Also, check out their YouTube channel, they’ve got new videos waiting for you. All links are provided below.



“Every day that’s a studio day is the best day. For me, it’s heaven and I don’t like being away from the studio, in fact. I find it difficult.” 


We want to be together. The real magic is actually being together.


“Being outside in nature, and doing the photography and seeing all this beauty that I really didn’t know existed. I mean, I knew it was there, just not to the extent that I’ve now seen, has been very healing for me. And it helped take away a lot of my physical pain, emotional pain, mental stress, it’s a good de-stress. “


“The fresh air alone. I mean, anyone can do this if they’re feeling low, or just, you know, clutters in their head. Just go outside, just for five minutes. It’s so feeling just the fresh air or there’s a certain vibe.” 


“I think my main thing lately is seeing that people are quite depressed, isolated, lonely, and sad. And when I speak with personal friends about this, I urge them to try something new to get out of there, that feeling of isolation.”


“Honestly, everyone has something in them I think that they can tap into, and then they can develop into this gift they never knew and that they can share it with others. I mean, how great would that be?”


02:18 Introducing Ann Burstyn of Dream Aria

05:02 How Dream Aria got together

13:30 Listen to “Out of the Void” by Dream Aria

17:24 The story of “Out of the Void”

19:15 Ann’s daughter

20:47 How are they doing in Mississauga?

23:32 Health-wise, how are they doing right now?

25:40 With everything that she’s doing besides music, how does Ann manage her day and week?

31:18 Listen to “The Professor” by Dream Aria

35:00 The story of creating “The Professor”

40:38 Other hobbies that Ann is into.

44:50 Ann Burstyn’s send-off message to the fans

47:14 The best place to connect with Dream Aria

49:30 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist:

We’ve got two of the many playlists to look out for. They are named after the constellations, Aquila and Orion. Check out these links to hear the amazing and talented artist that we’ve featured on the show before.

dHarmic Rising stars: Aquila


dHarmic Rising stars: Orion


Special Links and Mentions:


Pink Floyd

Emerson, Lake & Palmer





Tangerine Dream

Neil Peart

Connect with Dream Aria:










Apple Music:            



Welcome to episode #303 of dHarmic Evolution

It’s good to be back home here in the dHarmic Evolution. It has been a few weeks and I want to thank everyone for continuously supporting the show even in my absence. You guys are great!

In this episode, we’re going to talk about the horrible dreaded disease, COVID-19. I’m going to share with you my personal experience with it. I will discuss how it started, the symptoms I felt, and what I did about it. I hope you get something from this and hopefully will help you out.


00:18     Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution
03:47     A short thank you message
05:16     How I got sick over the holidays?
07:19     How it started?
10:03     Loss of Smell and appetite
11:58     Freezing
12:41     No energy
13:15     Headaches
13:55     Rattling Cough
16:01     Rashes
16:36     The backslide
17:21     The Psychological Warfare
17:50     What to do about it?
23:43     Wrap up message
25:31     Listen to “Like I’m Home” by James Kevin O’Connor


“But for me, I will trust in the Lord’s grand design of my own apothecary that cured me.”

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”  2 Corinthians

Connect to my blog

Just go to the dHarmicevolution.com and click on the “Sign me up!” button on the audio player to be on my mailing list immediately.

Spotify Playlist

Don’t forget to check out the Spotify playlist “Rising dHarmic Stars: Aquila”

Featuring amazing and talented artists who have been guests on this show!



Jason Damico, throws us back to the greatest “Rock & Roll”

Jason Damico, throws us back to the greatest “Rock & Roll”

Welcome to episode #302 of dHarmic Evolution

Today we’ve got a really unbelievable guy, he is like a throwback to yesteryear. This young man is a tribute to the best rock music you’ve ever heard in your life. His music is like a rework of the whole sound of the classic rock icons of years gone by and made it even better.

Check out this gentleman! He is a musician, producer, singer-songwriter, and mixing engineer. Moreover, he is an actor for a couple of decades now. All the way up from North Carolina, Jason Damico!

A little background on Jason Damico

He grew up with great parents who have been supporting him in both music and acting. He started out as an actor when he modeled as a calendar baby at 18 months old. At 2 years old, he was holding a plastic guitar, making the couch as the amplifiers and it is for him as a vision quest and that’s how everything started. He was raised music-wise with a little bit of the faith-based Christian raw community and the secular music – from the classic rock icons.

At 15, he won the battle of the bands with some friends. Recording his music fueled his creativity in producing and as a mixing engineer to create sounds. During his freshman to sophomore years, he went to jazz camps at colleges. He was in college-level theory courses as a drummer, his main instrument.

He also shared with us his injury back when he was 14 which instead of being a setback became a supernatural experience on understanding the context of soundscape both from a structural standpoint and also melodic theory.

Jason as an actor, musician, and producer at this time

Jason’s honest answer when asked how he managed to balance his acting and music career is “Barely”. He really got a lot on his plate. But from his standpoint, he considers acting and music as not as much different.

Due to the current situation, Jason just did house concerts, but he is mainly focusing on all the projects he is going to roll out in 2021. He also did mix a couple of records for other artists. As of the moment, he is still in the process of elimination and is waiting to unfold what is in store in the future.

More about Jason Damico

Jason got good news on what he’s been working on and the best place to stay tuned is through his website, jasondamico.com. You can also catch him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. All links are provided below.


I really didn’t see any problem in not pursuing it. It seemed like a problem if I didn’t pursue it.

If I can just take a second to try and encourage anybody out there who has been through any type of physical trauma. You know, there’s light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes it could be your greatest asset later on. It just takes time.

You’re just trying to be authentic and be present at the moment and have the best performance possible.

I would say, just stay true to yourself, and really take the time to meditate, spend time in prayer, whatever that means for you. And really settle down within yourself and just be okay with the silence.


01:07 Introducing Jason Damico
04:18 Jason shares his musical influences
06:28 Listen to “Green Eyed Blonde” by Jason Damico
10:41 Jason’s take on bands and how he started producing
15:28 A little story on his eye surgery when he was a kid
20:05 Listen to “Hold Me A Little Closer” by Jason Damico
23:34 Continuation of Jason’s story on his surgery
28:01 Jason as an actor, how did it start?
30:49 How is Jason managing everything – as an artist, producer, and a singer-songwriter
32:55 Listen to “Old Soul” by Jason Damico
37:58 Jason’s take on being an actor vs. a musician
42:17 What are Jason’s aspirations for his career
47:11 Listen to “My Rock & Roll” by Jason Damico
52:56 What is Jason busy with right now?
55:52 Jason’s best wishes and parting words to the audience
58:22 Best place to know more about Jason and his upcoming releases
59:38 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist

Come and check out the Spotify playlist “Rising dHarmic Stars”
Featuring amazing and talented artists who have been a guest in the show!


Special links and Mentions

Jim Morrison
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jimi Hendrix
Led Zeppelin
Grand Funk Railroad
Mark Farner
The Beatles
Duke Medicine (North Carolina)
Stewart Copeland
The Police
Van Halen
Deep Purple
Robert De Niro
Joe Pesci
Jimmy Page
Eric Gales
PJ Farley
Kenny Aronoff
Gary Hoey


Connect with Jason Damico

Website: www.jasondamico.com
YouTube: jasondamico
Instagram: @jdamicoofficial
Facebook: @jdamicoofficial
Twitter: @jdamicoofficial
Snapchat: jdamico94
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7uUmUs9J7XhdPss0T61003
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jasondamico1
ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/jasondamico


Isabelle Stillman, high achiever of many things

Isabelle Stillman, high achiever of many things

Welcome to episode #301 of dHarmic Evolution

Come with me as I visit Los Angeles with the wonderful artist, we have on the show today Isabelle Stillman! She is an overachiever and she is so many things – she’s an educator, a teacher, a singer-songwriter, a musician, and a full-time student too.


Also, listen to her latest album “Heartrender” which is a collection of songs that navigate changing worlds and the strength that comes from the search for yourself.

Isabelle Stillman’s Music 

Most of Isabelle’s songs are lyric-based. She doesn’t want to bury the lyrics with the production that they are making. Well, you can definitely hear that with her songs feature today on the show, “Damage Control”, “The Gun”, “Tragicomedy” and “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?”

Know more about these songs and the back story of them. This is a collection of her and someone else’s experiences that will definitely captivate you.

Isabelle on balancing her careers 

Isabelle Stillman is a high school English teacher, a singer-songwriter and currently taking up a Master’s in English and an MFA in Creative Writing in fiction.

She shares with us how complicated it is between her two careers. She also had a hard time preserving her creative side and needs to make sure she got to block off time to continue to be creative – to write, play, and practice. She’s planning of rethinking her schedule to balance things more.

More about Isabelle Stillman 

Isabelle updates things most frequently on Instagram and on her bio is a link where you can catch her on everything. All links to her social media pages are also listed below. 



“…it’s definitely reinforcing for me how important a school community is to the health of a school and of its people.”


“…they think I’m always insisting that the person who held the gun is the person who has done damage, it’s an important lesson that I’ve learned, but one that we don’t always tell young women for sure.”


“I think when we are afraid of one thing, in that case, the virus, we become afraid of almost everything.”


“…that’s a lesson that I had to learn on my own, that not every interaction with love or intimacy is beautiful, and people hurt you.”


00:21   Shoutout to the listeners from India through Ghana

01:52   Introducing Isabel Stillman

04:41   Isabelle’s hometown and transitioning to L.A

06:45   Isabelle Stillman as a Teacher and what she thinks on Zoom classes

11:47   Listen to “Damage Control” by Isabelle Stillman

15:41   Is her stripped-down music done purposely or created during the record?

19:25   The story behind the song “Damage Control”

21:09   Listen to “The Gun” by Isabelle Stillman

24:33   A backstory on her song “The Gun”

25:45   How does Isabelle balance her two careers?

29:36   How does Isabelle manage her schedule as a teacher, full-time student, and musician?

35:08   What is “Tragicomedy” about?

36:33   Listen to “Tragicomedy” by Isabelle Stillman

39:11   A little discussion on her song Tragicomedy

42:56   What formed Isabelle as far as being an artist?

45:56   Isabelle Stillman’s music influences

48:32   Listen to “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?” by Isabelle Stillman

52:32   Isabelle tells the story of “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?”

55:45   Best place to connect with Isabelle Stillman

56:25   Isabelle’s parting words and best wishes for the listeners

58:57   Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist

Check out the Spotify playlist “Rising dHarmic Stars”

Featuring artists who have been on the shows in the past!


Special links and Mentions

Mel Brooks

The Three Stooges

Taylor Swift

Joni Mitchell

Sara Evans

Martina McBride

Trisha Yearwood

The Chicks

Connect with Isabelle Stillman 

Website:          isabellestillman.com

Facebook:       @isabellestillmanmusic

Instagram:       @isabellestillmanmusic

YouTube:        Isabelle Stillman Music

Spotify:            Isabelle Stillman

Susan Hickman, Singer-songwriter you will have her songs on “Rewind”

Susan Hickman, Singer-songwriter you will have her songs on “Rewind”

Welcome to episode #300 of dHarmic Evolution

Its Christmas and greetings of Merry Christmas to everyone!  

Today, its a pleasure to have one of the most hardworking talented young ladies. She is a great songwriter and has an incredible voice, she was also a CMA winner a couple of years back! She’s done it all and continues to have an unbelievable work ethic and motivation to keep creating, performing, and playing. A female country singer-songwriter, Susan Hickman all the way from Houston, Texas!  

Susan has a tremendous desire, determination, talent, and work ethic all combined. She’s been just playing forever to the point where she really did some physical damage to herself from overdoing it on stage. Well get to know the story behind this as she shared it with us today.  

Get to know about Susan, her music, her sound, and her influences – and of course, we get to listen to her great songs!  

Susan Hickman as a singer-songwriter  

Susan loved music ever since she was a kid. She knew she was meant to do this. She started writing songs at the age of 5 or 6 years old as an entertainer to her younger sister. She grew up with parents who loved music as well. She shared with us the kind of music she listened to and what inspired her to craft her sound. 

She does songwriting sessions and she loves to co-write! She even did a mentoring program with a lot of young singer-songwriters. Her talent and passion are really overflowing. Well get to listen to her great skills through the songs we have featured today and the back story of how it came to life.  

More about Susan Hickman  

Visit susanhickman.com, all her social media sites and periodically she sends an email list of her tour dates! All the links for her social media are also listed below. Check them out! 

 Also, take a look at her latest music video release Rewind.  



So, whenever I decided to do music as a career. I felt like, I don’t want to be pigeonholed. I just want to have my own sound and if I have influences from something soulful or something more rocking or something that’s even a little Poppy, that’s okay.  


But sometimes just little things here and there. It makes such a huge difference. And that’s why I just love co-writing because sometimes you just need to get out of your own way and get out of your own headspace.  


And as far back as I can remember, music was such a huge deal for me. I mean, I just thought I was always meant to do that.  


I wish I just had a rewind button to where I could rewind and figure out how I can reformat my day, more efficiently.  


02:10 Introducing Susan Hickman 

06:30 Listen to Moth to a flame” by Susan Hickman 

10:55 Susan shares the recording process and the people he worked with her track Moth to a flame 

16:13 Susan tells the story of the surgery she went through 

22:04 Listen to Hesitation” by Susan Hickman 

26:02 A little background on her song Hesitation 

30:05 Susans affiliation to Nashville 

33:51 The kind of music Susan does 

36:43 Listen to Save Me” by Susan Hickman 

40:54 The story behind Save me 

44:15 When did Susan recognize her ability with songwriting? 

45:52 Susans influences to craft her sound 

50:12 Listen to Rewind” by Susan Hickman 

53:32A little back story on Rewind 

1:00:30 Best place to connect with Susan 

1:01:20 Last words of wisdom and wishes to the audience 

1:02:38 Listen to Connected” by James Kevin OConnor  

Spotify Playlist  

Click the link below and check out the Spotify playlist Rising dHarmic Stars”  

Featuring amazing and talented artists who have been a guest on this show! 

Special links and Mentions 

Connect with Susan Hickman  


Spotlight Series No. 3: MoeDell, Jordan White, Kylie Odetta, & Mikalyn Hay

Spotlight Series No. 3: MoeDell, Jordan White, Kylie Odetta, & Mikalyn Hay

Welcome to episode #299 of dHarmic Evolution

We’re back with another Spotlight series today! I’m delighted to give attention to these four awesome artists we are revisiting. We are enclosing the links of the full interviews below so check to download them and here all for songs from each artist!

Let’s listen and enjoy the music and stories from these singer-songwriters, musicians, and vocalists. We’ve got four talented artists lined up today:

  • MoeDeLL
  • Jordan White
  • Kylie Odetta
  • Mikalyn Hay

Interview with MoeDell

We’ll start this show with MoeDeLL — a hardworking and talented man that holds 250-270 shows a year. He has performed for crowds of every size, from farmers’ markets to bars, and corporate events.

MoeDeLL is a prolific Americana songwriter. He plays the guitar and will captivate you with his unique voice and creative lyrics. He loved music as a kid and he started to learn to play the guitar at 9 years old.

Listen to MoeDeLL’s song being featured today in the show, “Hoppin’ Trains”. 

You can listen to MoeDeLL’s full interview here:


Interview with Jordan White

Next, we have Jordan White, a young man originally from Philadelphia. He writes great pop-rock songs that really cut to the heart. He has a good voice and a great chord structure. Every time he comes up with something new I am plugging in and listening, I have become a fan…

He’s been on the dHarmic evolution twice. Let’s look back on the conversation where Jordan is describing some transitional period in his life which led to the recording of the track being featured today.

The song is Jordan’s title track for his new EP, “High Road”.

You can listen to Jordan’s past full interviews here:



Interview with Kylie Odetta

Now, we’ll have a young lady which is way wiser beyond her years, Kylie Odetta.  She is an indie/soul singer-songwriter. She creates music that is powerful and dreamy. Her raspy voice will definitely capture you.

We have one of Kylie’s smash hits “Under the Sun” featured today on the show.

She shared on the show before a cool discussion about songwriting, vocals, voice changing, surgery, and mostly sounds. She also mentioned one of her favorite shows that created a cozy welcoming experience where people get to be a part of the music and it’s not just her who performs on stage.

You can listen to Kylie’s past full interviews here:



Interview with Mikalyn Hay 

Lastly, we have a hardworking and fabulously talented young lady from Guelph Canada. Talent and work ethic combined is a powerful elixir and it is Mikalyn Hay. She is a talented singer-songwriter and an in-demand collaborator.  She also had a list of achievements and awards that are really so impressive!

Mikalyn’s song featured today on the show is “Deep End”.

There are a lot of cool things and cool places to visit in her hometown and she shared them with us! Check out these cafés mentioned by Mikalyn, “Red Brick Cafe”, “B Side Lounge”, “Kate’s Cafe”, where you might also catch her life. There’s also discussion about pre-production, the studio, friends, and support. 

You can listen to Mikalyn’s full interview here:



00:30   Spotlight Series 3

4:08   MoeDeLL

7:22   Listen to “Hoppin’ Trains” by MoeDeLL

11:17   Jordan White

14:55   Listen to “High Road” by Jordan White

18:07   Kylie Odetta

26:30   Listen to “Under the Sun” by Kylie Odetta

29:24   Mikalyn Hay

39:23   Listen to “Deep End” by Mikalyn Hay

43:53   Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist

Check out the Spotify playlist “Rising dHarmic Stars”

An awesome collection of music from artists who have exclusively been on the dharmic Evolution!



Connect with MoeDeLL

Website:          https://moedell.com/

Facebook        @MoeDeLLMusic

Instagram        @moedell

Twitter             @moedell

Spotify             MoeDeLL

Connect with Jordan White

Website:          www.jordanwhitemusic.com

Facebook:       @jordanwhitemusic

Twitter:            @jordanfWhite

Instagram:       @jordanwhitemusic

Spotify:            Jordan White

Connect with Mikalyn Hay

Facebook:       @MikalynMusic

Instagram:       @mikalynmusic

Youtube:          Mikalyn Music

Soundcloud:    Mikalyn Music
Twitter:            @MikalynMusic

ReverbNation  Mikalyn Music

Patreon           Mikalyn Hay

Younk              Mikalyn Hay


Connect with Kylie Odetta

Website:          kylieodetta.com

Instagram:       @kylieodetta

Facebook:        Kylie Odetta

Twitter:             @kylieodetta

Spotify:             Kylie Odetta

Soundcloud:      Kylie Odetta

YouTube:          Kylie Odetta

Reverbnation:   Kylie Odetta

Selected links and mentions:

Antigone Rising

Better Than Ezra

Cheap Trick

Bret Michaels

Blind Melon


Fleetwood Mac

Willie Nelson

Goo Goo Dolls

Lillie King, Theatre, NYC, and Now for The Singer/Songwriter Career all at 17!

Lillie King, Theatre, NYC, and Now for The Singer/Songwriter Career all at 17!

Welcome to episode #298 of dHarmic Evolution

We have an awesome young artist in the show today! She is just 17 years old but she already created a unique vintage Americana sound that crosses the boundaries of many different styles. With the help of influences based in the 70s, rock rhythm and blues, and modern poeticism.


Singer, songwriter, and actress from a small town in West Virginia, Lillie King!

Check out her brand-new debut self-titled EP, and fall in love with the sound that will remind you of the good old great songwriting that happened in the late 60s and early 70s. Lillie King shared that it was what she loved listening to while she was growing up.

Lillie King’s Music career and her Theater Life 

Lillie King started out as a theater actress at around six years old. Her parents are not into music, but her grandparents are the ones who pushed her to take the classes. She eventually stopped but at the age of 12, she missed performing on stage and went back to the theater where she was filled with four years of great experiences since then. She is a trained soprano operatic singer; she went to the New York Film Academy for this when she was around 14 or 15 years old.

She just started writing songs at 16 years old. She won Talent West Virginia where she got herself an EP deal and had to write her own song. That’s where “Cheated Love” was born. One thing to watch out for, as well, is her song “Home by Ten” which is what she described as an autobiography of her life. Also, check out her metaphorical song titled “Roses”, which relates to her life in the theater. “Red” is another track that you can relate to, whether it’s a family relationship, a friend relationship, or, a personal relationship.

Currently, Lillie King made the executive decision to stop singing in the theater realm for a while. She struggled to switch the two voices that she is using – her soprano voice and her studio voice. She wanted to focus on her music career right now. She hopes that one day she can go back to the theater without having to worry about switching her voices. 

More about Lillie King

Good news! Lillie King loves to connect with people, the best place to do it will be on her Instagram. If you want to know more about her, check out her website. All the links will be provided below.



I’m not trying to write what’s in right now. I’m trying to write what I love to listen to.


When you love what you’re working on, you want to work on it. You don’t want to stop, and you have fun while you’re doing it. That’s just the best part of the process.


I love nature. I love being outside. So, it’s just finding those little moments that I can take to rest. Then so I can get really excited to come back and work on the stuff that’s important.


I know a lot of people in my life who are stressing out about their futures and what may or may not happen, and I just want to let everyone know that it’s better not to stress.  It’s better to let God’s hand take over because something good will come from it. You just have to wait and work hard. 


2:39 Welcoming Lillie King to dHarmic Evolution

3:56 Lillie King’s self-titled EP and a little look at her music influences

6:05 Listen to “Cheated Love” by Lillie King

9:23 What is the backstory of the song “Cheated Love”?

11:03 Lillie King’s background in Theater and how it helped her be the star that she is today.

14:36 What is the song “Home by Ten” about?

15:40 Listen to “Home by Ten” by Lillie King.

23:42 What are Lillie King ‘s hobbies and favorites outside of music?

26:57 How did “Red” came about and how did it get written?

29:11 Listen to “Red” by Lillie King

32:53 A little glimpse on Lillie King’s experience in New York City and the New York Film Academy

39:50 Listen to “Roses” by Lillie King

42:59 The questions behind the making of “Roses”

44:19 Balancing her theater and music career

46:55 Is Lillie King working with a vocal coach?

50:58 Best place to reach Lillie King

51:31 Lillie King’s last words for the audience

53:24 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist

Check out the Spotify playlist “Rising dHarmic Stars”

Featuring 30 artists who have been on the shows in the past!


Special links and Mentions 

The Supremes

Brian Wilson

Paul Simon


Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Chris Caskey (Producer)


Glyn Johns

Bill Szymczyk

Joe Walsh

Roxie Hart

Connect with Lillie King 

Website:          https://www.lillieking.com/

Instagram:       https://instagram.com/lillie.king

Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/lilliekingmusic

Tiktok:             @lilliekiing

Spotify:            https://open.spotify.com/artist/6KQfcQmOwwEprVSGK2avMr

Youtube:          https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfbN1LVsqAK3i73uZPKZ5ag/

Dani Felt making an impact through her music

Dani Felt making an impact through her music

Welcome to episode #297 of dHarmic Evolution

Pop-singer, songwriter, and an artist coach! Dani Felt will join us today for an exciting view on her music solo career and her business in the music industry.


Pop-singer, songwriter, and an artist coach! Dani Felt will join us today for an exciting view on her music solo career and her business in the music industry.

Dani Felt is originally born in Philadelphia. She has adapted her music life to the Music City. She exceeded the expectations of many when she switched from being a singer-songwriter to the pop genre. She spins tales of twisted love dark secrets and haunted stories. The dark pop sound of her music complements her powerful and seductive voice.

She released her debut pop single “Queen” this year 2020. She made a bold statement and a hardcore vibe through her latest track. She wanted to make sure that her music is impacting people in some way.  Which is definitely something we can feel with her tracks.

Dani Felt’s musical background 

Dani Felt started to enjoy performing when she was a little kid. She started with Nursery rhymes at the age of two and would perform in front of her parents. At 10, she started doing voice lessons. She did musicals and theaters during her middle and high school years, as well.

In middle school, she started doing poetry. She combined her love for writing words and music and put them into songwriting. She also entered several musical camps when she was a kid. She liked being in studios writing, recording, and performing at a really young age.

Her parents are not musically inclined, although they have a huge passion for music. Her grandmother can sing but did not really pursue a career in it. Her dad’s second cousin is a song-writer and wrote the song The Greatest Love of All. Overall, she is surrounded by a creative vibe.

Dani Felt’s early career in the music industry 

It was in college when Dani Felt learned that she loves leadership, project management, and finding the right people. A year later, she interned at a music PR company in London wherein she got fired. She wanted to prove that she can do her own thing. And so, she started a music blog without any connections and started from there.

She moved to New York and realized that she is really good at connecting people together.  She gets to showcase artists and got to connect people in the industry — filmmakers, painters, artists, musicians, business people where she would put up events together. Eventually, she had to stop since it was a lot of work for not a lot of money.

Her business in the music world 

Dani Felt believed that artists should not just focus on one platform. She said that the main point is to understand who their fans are, where they are, what your brand is, and what you’re selling. She believes that there are many ways to monetize the artist’s skill, they just have to get creative, create, and plan. She likes to teach people to put themselves first and value themselves and their gifts.

She gets frustrated most when people need her help, but don’t want to change or do the work. Although this year, she is learning to let people have control of their own lives and make decisions. Without any pressure, she just wants them to come to her when they want to work with her. That’s when she realized that when she focuses on what her working on, it attracts more clients because seeing what she does makes them want to be part of it.

She also believes that mindset portrays the biggest part. She stated that if you don’t believe that it’s possible, it will not be possible. She is also a fan of learning and she shares them with her clients, from the emotional aspect to money management.



2:16 Check out Dani Felt’s new single, “Queen”

2:44 A look at Dani Felt’s sound and musical background

7:45 Listen to “Gone” by Dani Felt

10:40 The crazy story behind the song “Gone”

12:44 How is her family doing back in Philadelphia?

15:02 How did she get involved in the business world of music?

18:56 Listen to “Drowned in Heartache” by Dani Felt

22:50 A continuation on the journey of her business that helps artists to showcase their talent.

26:52 What is her take on doing business on Spotify?

33:56 What does Dani Felt get excited about; being a creative artist or a business person?

37:33 Listen to “Queen” by Dani Felt

41:05 Dani Felt’s shares her experience in the studio while creating her single “Queen”

43:32 Her most challenging experience in coaching

48:07 Who are the thought leaders that inspired and helped her?

52:50 Where’s the best place to connect with Dani Felt?

53:29 Dani Felt’s parting words of wisdom to the listeners
56:08 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist

“Rising dHarmic Stars” is the Spotify Playlist to keep an eye on! it has past stand out guests that you simply must give a listen to here!




That was a really cool moment because I realized so many things that artists can make an impact with their music, that anyone can do anything even if they’ve never had any experience.


If I had to choose, I would choose music, but I would have to make sure that the music I’m making is impacting people in some way.


I realized that the more I just focus on whatever I’m working on at the moment, the somehow attracts clients.


If you don’t believe that it’s possible, it will not be possible


Really value your time because it is the only thing we have. Everything. Like that’s the only thing that we have.


I would just say, never give up. Like, never give up on your dreams. Do what you love. Take action. Just take it one step at a time.

Selected links and Mentions 

Linda Creed

Whitney Houston

Justin Bieber

Poo Bear

Stevie Wonder

Imagine Dragons



Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee)

Sara Longoria

Jourdan Rystrom

George Gilder


Connect with Dani Felt 

Website:          https://danifeltmusic.com/


Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/danifeltmusic/

Instagram:       https://www.instagram.com/danifeltmusic/

Twitter:            https://twitter.com/danifeltmusic/

Spotify:            https://open.spotify.com/artist/26afSnl4Sw12ZtTtEF8IVl

Youtube:          https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6eSYoqIwDTv7g7GxEmXl9g






VICU A Special Talent Taking Us All “Back To The Future Love”

Welcome to episode #296 of dHarmic Evolution

Our guest today is a young man who has made a name for himself in the music industry. He is a self-taught producer, audio engineer, musician, singer and songwriter. “Complementary”, his first EP was released May of this year and people are raving about it. Let’s welcome all the way from Maryland, Vicu!



His songs “BTTFL” (Back to the Future Love), “Blame it on Me”, and “Something About Her” to name a few showcase Vicu’s unique sound, fantastic guitar techniques and skills that perfectly combined with his modern edge songwriting and creative phrasing. Moreover, his songs have brought love, hope, and inspiration to a lot of people.

Being one of the top promising producers, Vicu has worked with some of the amazing artists in the industry. Most recently, he has worked with Matt Viers, his production partner, on none other than Rihanna’s upcoming album.

As a musical producer and an artist

Vicu’s passion is to bring out the best in people. Consequently, he finds it joyful to help artists along the way. As a matter of fact, Vicu has developed a lot of artists, groups, and even rappers especially in his state, Maryland. Not only does he have a pursuit to produce and develop artists, but also Vicu wanted to be an artist himself. Through cultivating his fellows, it really helped him get sharp with production and songwriting. He is also a self-taught artist and very hands-on. Growing up he would sit and watch Youtube to learn how to play songs on a guitar. Over the years he has also developed his one-of-a-kind writing skill, and the lyrics of his songs captivate the hearts of many.

Balancing producing, artistry, and life

Having a lot on his plate right now, running his production company with his friend Matt Viers, working with other artists, and at the same time being an artist himself, Vicu still manages to balance everything that is happening in his life. On the other side of the spectrum, in these difficult times when people in general lost a lot this year, whether it be happiness, rough situations, or even people. Vicu was one of those people; he actually lost four of his loved ones this year. He even opened up about a detail in his personal life – that he is adopted from Romania. Knowing that information, Vicu’s outlook is to take full advantage of his life and just make the most of it. Despite all these, he remains positive and grateful with all the blessings and opportunities that are being showered upon him.

More of Vicu

Connect with, support, and learn more about Vicu’s music, artistry, production, and everything in between through the links below. 


3:58 Vicu’s journey to producing and being and artist

8:52 Listen to “Blame it on me” by Vicu

12:55 What did Vicu start with and what is he currently using on his audio development journey?

15:46 Listen to “BTTFL” (Back to the Future Love) by Vicu

19:47 What possessed Vicu to write the song, “BTTFL”?

20:32 At what part of the journey with making “BTTFL” did Vicu feel that he is into something special?

24:56 A glimpse of Vicu’s production company and the balance with producing and artistry

26:22 Vicu’s learnings and outlook in life as an adopted child

32:37 Listen to “Something About Her” by Vicu

36:05 Who are Vicu’s musical influences?

45:40 Listen to “Coconut Rum” by Vicu

48:28 Why “Coconut Rum” is Vicu’s one of favorite songs?

53:59 If Vicu’s stuck in a desert island, which 3 records will he take with him?

57:02 Vicu’s thoughts on marketing and Spotify

1:04:47 Shoutout to everyone listening on the show; best place to connect with Vicu

1:07:06 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor

Spotify Playlist

“Rising dHarmic Stars” is the Spotify Playlist to keep an eye on!, it has

past stand out guests that you simply must give a listen to here!




Just being somebody that could bring things out of people, I really love doing that a lot with this music stuff.


The discovery of learning to do new things, you know, being able to do something you couldn’t do yesterday as an artist is a joy like no other.


Music makes itself once that becomes available to you. And once you become available to yourself, and that just takes time. It takes growth…it takes going through things, uncomfortable things…growing up is uncomfortable for everybody.


I have to take advantage of my life, and just make sure I make the most of it.

Connect with Vicu:

Website – http://www.vicumusic.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/vicuofficial
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/vicuofficial/
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/vicuschek
Twitter – https://twitter.com/vicuofficial
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/3n14MuW6YIPjO7TrCUqhsk

Selected links and mentions

Darrell Williams
Jason Derulo
Michael Jackson
Bruno Mars
George Michael
Sam Smith
Elton John
Freddie Mercury
Little Wayne
Desmond Dennis
Kyle Thompson
Tone Stith
Chris Brown
John Mayer
Pink Sweats
Ed Sheeran



Erin Coburn, Blues, Ambition, and a Burning Passion for Guitar!

Welcome to episode #295 of dHarmic Evolution

Let’s Rock and Roll with Erin Coburn

Today we’ve got something special – a young lady who is just a badass in rock and roll with an intense passion for audio engineering, guitars, and blues music. Wow! This girl is one of a kind!


Our guest for today is just 19 years old, yet her talent is so palpable. Let’s welcome on the show, musician, vocalist, and lyricist, Erin Coburn!

How did Erin get into music?

With all kinds of different music coming from each area of their house, Erin was indeed surrounded by music even at a young age. Her parents and brother are also listening to music 24/7. But what really sparked the interest in Erin was her dad’s guitar which she tried to play and claimed it her own when she was just 2 years old.

As far as blues goes, her third guitar teacher introduced her to that music genre during their first lesson. It was when her teacher started playing around and doing solo that made her intrigued about blues. It is such a raw form of music. And what attracted Erin the most is that with blues, it’s just whatever you feel; it’s a straight expression.

Inside stories about her songs

The first song played on the show today is entitled “Everybody” which streamed from moments when life gets overwhelming, from everyone trying to get attention, and trying to do a million things at once.

The next song is called “It’s Over” was played with a Fender Stratocaster that her grandpa helped her get when she was younger. It was one of her favorite guitars.

And her song, “Misfit” is her newest single. It came from Rudoph Christmas Special where they sing “why am I such a misfit”. This song is a message to everyone that it is okay not to fit in; it is cool to be unique.

Thoughts about streaming services

For Erin, streaming services is wonderful from the consumer’s point of view. On the other hand, as an artist, the idea is also great. Through streaming services like Spotify, artists can connect with fans at the push of a button. However, the tables have definitely turned. There is not a big enough value on what musicians are doing today. She believes that listeners/consumers need to put a value on the artists on social media.

More about Erin

Connect with Erin and get to know more about her life and music through the links listed below.


2:46 Who in Erin’s family inspired her to get into music?

4:47 Listen to “Everybody” by Erin Coburn

9:19 Inside story about the song, “Everybody”

11:41 When did Erin get interested in audio engineering?

14:58 Listen to “It’s Over” by Erin Coburn

19:17 Erin describing her Strandberg guitar

20:56 Listen to Erin play a couple of riffs on her guitar

23:03 What is the most intriguing part of the audio production for Erin?

26:29 Who are Erin’s musical influences?

30:52 Listen to “Out from Under” by Erin Coburn

39:31 Who gives the cue when Erin’s using the backing track live?

42:00 What is Erin’s take on Spotify and streaming in general?

47:21 Story about Erin’s newest single: “Misfit”

49:26 Listen to “Misfit” by Erin Coburn

55:11 Shoutout to Erin’s fans!

56:44 When is her studio going to be built?

56:56 A glimpse of Erin’s family

59:03 Listen to “Connected” by James Kevin O’Connor 



Sometimes you just need to take a step back and write a song


Blues is such a raw form of music. And it’s like a straight expression. Like there’s no thinking. It’s just whatever you feel and I think that’s what really attracted me to it.


I love to mix it up and do the unexpected


I wanted to let them know that, it’s okay to not fit in or to not feel like you fit in. It’s cool. It’s cool to be unique.


I love it when somebody really embraces an instrument. And takes it to continue to take it up to new levels.

Connect with Asiah

Website – https://www.erincoburn.com/

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5o0doXIq7OsAEOlFwcwwDJ

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ErinCoburnMusic/

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/ShenanigansOnTheHill

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/erincoburnmusic/

Selected links and mentions 


The Black Keys

Cage the Elephant

Joe Satriani

Matt O’ree

Bruce Springsteen

Leslie West

B.B. King

Gary Clark Jr.

Janis Joplin

Michael Jackson