DE000 James Kevin Introduces Dharmic Evolution

James Kevin Introduces Dharmic Evolution - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

James Kevin O’Connor

James Kevin O’Connor, Singer/Songwriter, Audio/Video artist and Masterstoryteller, is the founder and host of Dharmic Evolution, a podcast like no other. This show was designed to inspire YOU!, the listening audience. It is the intent of this show to Entertain as well as illuminate the trail blazed by others, and showcase how they did it! You can listen in and hear the stories of Film, and, Music Producers, Artists, Singer/Songwriters, Entrepreneurs, Life Coaches, Social Media Experts, Fashion Models, and the list goes on. But you get the idea, its all about shining the light on people who are living their dreams. Listen in and enjoy these stories, and, model them if you so desire! So, let’s get out of that Cubicle!!

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— James Kevin O'Connor

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