DE109 West Coast Fletch | The Soulful Jazz, Gospel Singer

West Coast Fletch | The Soulful Jazz, Gospel Singer - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Welcome back to dHarmic Evolution podcast with me, James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter, audio/video artist, and master storyteller. On today’s episode, we chat with West Coast Fletch Brinson, a talented multi-instrumentalist from California.

West Coast Fletch started by playing songs on just one string, but now he plays the trombone, drums, and guitar. His musical influences are palpable on his tracks; blues, R&B, funk, jazz, and gospel. West Coast takes inspiration from his life, combines it with his talents, and turns it into soulful jams.

West Coast Fletch’s love of music has encompassed and enriched his life, and his joy from such is exuded throughout this interview.

On this episode:

-What it takes to be a part of West Coast Fletch’s crew

-A special lady sings on It Ain’t Over (Til God Says It’s Over)

-West Coast talks about his approach to writing music

-His approach to the business side of independent music

West Coast Fletch songs featured:

-I Love The Name

-It Ain’t Over (Til God Says It’s Over)

-Ooo Baby Baby

-Salvation Smooth Jazz

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