DE113 Julia McDonald | Powerful, Young Singer from Orlando

Julia McDonald | Powerful, Young Singer from Orlando - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Welcome back to dHarmic Evolution podcast with me, James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter, audio/video artist, and master storyteller. Today, we are joined by the amazing Julia McDonald.

Julia, a recent high school graduate, has the voice and maturity of a musician twice her age. Her hard work and serious approach to her work is palpable – and it pays off. Her sound is classic yet modern, and you’ll want to boom it from your car radio blazing down the highway!

Julia may be the quiet type, but she has a loud musical voice. Don’t miss this intimate conversation with the super-talented Julia McDonald!

On this episode:

-How a school talent show turned Julia’s life around!

-Why Julia’s mom wants her to break up with her boyfriend!

-How Julia uses her music to build her confidence

-Why Julia prefers to write alone

Julia McDonald songs featured:



-Pretty Committee

Follow Julia McDonald:







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