DE128 DeDe Wedekind | DeDe Does D.E. after D.C.

DeDe Wedekind | DeDe Does D.E. after D.C. - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Welcome back to dHarmic Evolution podcast with me, James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter, audio/video artist, and master storyteller. On today’s episode, we check up on Houston, Texas singer/song-writer DeDe Wedekind!

DeDe isn’t your typical ol’ American girl – she’s an award winning one! She most recently won the 2016 International Music and Entertainment Association Awards’ “Adult Contemporary Album of the Year.” She chalks it up to having the right producer – we don’t disagree, but we also think it has something to do with her raw talent!

DeDe checked an item off of her bucket list this year when she played at President Trump’s inauguration. And we checked off on of ours when we got her on this episode of dHarmic Evolution!

On this episode:

-Playing an inauguration? Check!

-Awards awards awards…

-What it was like to play at the inauguration!

-DeDe’s unsung heroes!

DeDe Wedekind songs featured:

-Dream of You

-Leaning on Heaven


-My Unsung Hero

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