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Gesso Mystic Eyes Interview - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Gesso Mystic Eyes

The real life of a true veteran in the realm of music and self-upliftment ; my life has been a real turbulent one with trials and tribulations from birth until now and I must say, I’ve found my true self from these trials and tribulations. Music had been the most prominent talent and I’ve lived it practically with perseverance and over-the-edge hard work since a kid. I was exposed to the best of music from all over the globe that’s, local music, pop music, rock music, soul, funk,psychedelic, reggae, jazz, classical, gospel and a lot more genres. My dad, a soul I’ve divine regards for, gave me my first lovely professional semi-acoustic guitar which was his personal guitar he purchased when studying in England in late 50s and this was when I just turned fourteen ; it was a glorious day and guess he was very proud and knew that, I was going to take it into a deeper level. I’m a mufti-instrumentalist, versatile professional musician with guitars prominently lead guitar being my main weapon of Light. I’m a natural talented songwriter, arranger, composer, vocalist/frontman, producer and getting used to engineering my own works. I’ve played with some prominent musicians and groups in my musical career spanning from my teenage years ; this is what experience is all about…when you can play and improvise to any sound…guess, action speaks louder than words so I’ll stop here and get on with music production….thanks for reading and hope this inspires you never to give up on your aspirations and always, aim at the centre….there, you’ll find peace and love…bless and blissup idren.

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— James Kevin O'Connor

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