DE232 Colin O’Donohoe, Pangean Orchestra, the real world coming together through music!

Colin O’Donohoe, Pangean Orchestra, the real world coming together through music! - dHarmic Evolution Podcast
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An Update from the World Maestro, Colin O’Donohoe.
The Pangean Orchestra and the World Maestro’s Musical Process. 

On this episode of the dHarmic Evolution podcast, we welcome back the World Maestro, Colin O’Donohoe. Colin was on episode 6 of the podcast and hopefully, you will enjoy hearing about what he has been up to for the past 3+ years since that appearance. 

One of Colin’s big projects is the Pangean Orchestra, which is based in Phoenix where Colin lives in the U.S. but also has a branch in Istanbul, where he spends several months out of the year as well. The orchestra’s goal is to travel around the world sharing the different sounds and styles of music in a way that broadens all listeners’ perspectives of the world and culture, bringing everyone together through the common language and experience of music. Colin is a true student of the world’s music, always seeking to respectfully share the traditions of each culture represented. He partners up with likeminded musicians all over the world to experiment with new sounds and hopefully make something that connects with the audience. 

Key Quotes: 

“The idea of the Pangean Orchestra is to combine not only the instruments but also the ideas that the instruments’ traditions have with them.” 

“The more time you spend in that music, the more you begin to see those colors.” 

“Beauty in one culture is not beauty in another.” 




“The Closing” 

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