DE269 All Graduates!, you are an important piece of the “Chain of Love”

All Graduates!, you are an important piece of the “Chain of Love” - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Today’s show is all about the chain of love.  

For a big part of America. This is the month of graduation. Characterized by proms, senior nights, epic graduation ceremonies alongside other parties. 

However, with the current global pandemic, so many have had to cancel or postpone this key milestone of their lives.  

After my brother reached out to me earlier this month, I could tell he was empathetic about his daughter, and my niece – Cassy -. This was because they could only hold a small celebration in light of the current restrictions set countrywide to curb the spread of the virus.  

So, do you know anyone that is graduating? Whether it’s 8th grade, high-school, university, or any kind of milestone in their life? It’s important that we appreciate and celebrate this event in a special way that makes them feel loved and cared for. 

One of the ways we can do this is through calling. A voice is a very powerful tool. You can use it as a first aid kit to aid someone close to you who is struggling through the current pandemic, be it the graduate or someone struggling in any given life situation.  

Cheering them up and bringing a ray of hope and happiness in their life is only a call away. I prefer calling, but if you can’t get through, at least text them you were thinking of them! 

Chain of Love. 

 Chain of love is a song I wrote in dedication to my older son graduating high school. 

After an inspirational speech by the principal, I was instantly moved by the whole event and started writing the song in my subconscious.  

After years of procrastination. I finally produced the song back in 2010 with help from “Studio Pros” a West Coast online recording studio headed up by Katie O’Toole.  

You can listen to the song at the end of the show, and if you’re moved and inspired by it, then please, share it with somebody who you feel needs the inspiration too.  

(Find the lyrics of the Chain of Love song at the end of the show notes) 

“Here to Share and Care” – A lesson on gratitude and support 

Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes we’re strong, and other times we are weak. If you’re in your season of strength, try and support the people who are not feeling it right now and need your assistance. 

Look around you. So many people have way less than what you have but are happier than you are.  

A video I saw on Facebook that really touched me magnified this lesson for me. A woman who had a child who seemed to be about 2-3 years old, and had no arms or legs. 

The little kid was at a playground and would climb himself up on the slide stairs using his head as a point of leverage before launching himself down the slide, and his mom would be waiting at the end to catch him.  

The little boy was laughing and all smiles as was his Mom, they both looked to be very happy and content with life without a care in the world. Perhaps there is a lesson here for us all? 

In conclusion. I’d like to give my thanks to Luna Keller and Lisa Crouch, both artists were previous guests of the DE Podcast and were kind enough to respond to my “Here to Share and Care” video project.  


(2:25) The struggle graduates are going through 

(5:23) The Chain of Love 

(7:48) Just a call Away by Lisa Crouch 

(16:02) Alice is in love with a Mad hatter by Luna Keller 

(21:41) Always be grateful – It could be a lot worse.  

(23:38) Back story of Chain of Love 

(27:03) Listen to Chain of Love 

Selected Links and Mentions 

The Chain of Love 

They came into the world as babies, 

then left these hallowed halls as fine young, men and ladies 

And I felt a sense of pride and wonder, to be included among 

the many, pieces of the chain, the chain of Love 


Reflections in the way your smile, carry countless childhood 

memories and the sparks of love ignite across the silent spaces 

of our tried and trusted teenage trepidation 

And we all wrapped our hands around the chain, the chain of love, chain of love 


We built a chain, stronger than steel 

A chain of Love, and that’s how it feels 

Just like the wind, brings a new rain, 

A chain of love burns like a flame, a chain of love, chain of love 


Your graduation, I sat and watched your mother’s tears, 

trace your footsteps one by one through all those wonderful years 

And me sometimes I feel so sad and small and lonely, but 

I know you will always help me hold my place inside 

This chain of love, a chain of love, this chain of love, this chain of love 


We built a chain, stronger than steel 

A chain of Love, and that’s how it feels 

Just like the wind, brings a new rain, 

A chain of love burns like a flame,  


A chain of love, stronger than steel 

this chain of love, and that’s how it feels, 

this chain of love, stronger than steel  

this chain of love, that’s how it feels, stronger than steel, 

That’s how it feels, this chain of love………. 

Written and produced by James Kevin O’Connor 

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