DE47 Laramie Cooley with Awesome Songwriting Will Make My Irish Brothers & Sisters Melt with Adoration!

Laramie Cooley with Awesome Songwriting Will Make My Irish Brothers & Sisters Melt with Adoration! - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Laramie Cooley & Kilkenny’s Secret brings new meaning to modern music. With a bold approach to the pop and folk genres, merged with the harmonic rhythm of Ireland, their particular sound can only be defined as unique.

The band was established by Laramie Cooley and Joshua Chavez in 2011. It was put together based upon a trial jam session; during which, it was recognized that their different approaches to music could allow for a new and distinctive sound.

They were featured in Albuquerque Talent Magazine and are currently #1 in Folk music locally on Reverbnation and continue to move up in the Global and National charts.

Vocalist Laramie Cooley- 

“I started to sing at the age of 2 as my mom used music to teach me to spell my name, from then on I was hooked and music became my dream. Growing up, my parents gave me the freedom to listen to every genre of music I cared to explore, and that taught me to have great respect for the artists no matter what their particular style. The artists that have influenced me the most would have to be Stevie Nicks, Reba McEntire, and Alison Krauss. These women have three different styles, yet they all have one thing in common, they are amazingly gifted! They have inspired me so much, in listening to them and the way they control their voice and communicate through a song. I have to say that writing is probably my favorite aspect of doing music. I feel as though everything my heart has been longing to say is finally being allowed the opportunity to be heard. I praise God for this process. I give Him all the credit for every song and every note. 

My relationship with the Lord is the biggest most important thing in my life. He is my savior, my God, and my friend. His love is never ceasing and His faithfulness is beyond measure.”

Lead Guitarist Joshua Chavez- 

“At the age of 10 I picked up my first guitar and my parents saw instantly that I had a unique interest in music. At a very young age I remember listening to Led Zeppelin and thinking “Wow! I want to play the guitar just like Jimmy Page”. I was fascinated with his ability to run rampant through so many styles of music. I enjoyed listening to classical music as well. Andres Segovia, Pepe Romero and Manuel Barrueco are all classical guitarists whom I deeply admire. As a teenager Joe Satriani really changed the way I viewed and respected my guitar. He is a true genius and master of his instrument. Vito Bratta gave me perhaps the best gift a musician could ask for, the gift of friendship. He is the most creative and awe inspiring guitarist I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His unique approach to melodic phrasing and his unfathomable ability to piece together music, makes Vito the most talented, highly respected guitar player in the world. Vito, I love you man. 

Finally, my biggest influence in music is God. He has always been there for me and has always given me the courage to keep strong and remain faithful. I owe Him my life.”

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