DE48A The Experience #2 New Song “Connected” English Bob, Shark Tank, Bavarian Beans, And Roasted Yak!

The story of the song “Connected” is unveiled in this Months presentation of “The Experience” its the second single from the forthcoming album “Gratitude” from James Kevin O’Connor. English Bob stops by with his brightened suspenders that he had “Ostracised”  He enjoys some surprise Tea, and share tales of Woe!  Harry the Horse keels over and dies, Kelsey the Cow spots a Milliffed Poplot, then, rears up and falls over and breaks her Cranium. Dr Woofenboot comes to the rescue by shooting Kelsey in the hoof to take away the pain! 

English then reveals his famous and highly revered “Ubiquitous Lurchmont Move” (patent pending) he first attacks a Propane Tank, then a barbecue grill, and finally unveils “the move” on a smokestack! James Kevin suggests going on Shark Tank to visit with Mr Wonderful, but English does not have a TV, or Phone!  They then discuss the European Tour, a broken bunion in the Union’s of London!, James Kevin does not like tandem bicycles, so English has taken them off the logistic roster! English Bob’s pocket watch goes off and it sounds like Westminster Abby, signaling English to get home to Moma Bob has been slaving over a hot hearth cooking and enormous Yak with all the trimmings! Listen to the entire story here on DE48A “The Experience”

Moma Bob had made a huge batch of Bavarian Beans, so the simple fact was, it was just good old flatulence, I was a bit gassey

— English Bob

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