DE53 Jacqueline Kellock from Calgary Canada Does Her Best Work In The Car!

Jacqueline Kellock was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and moved to Calgary, Alberta, in the late seventies. She found her passion in songwriting and only three years ago she teamed up with her producer and engineer, John Thiel, owner of Horizon Audio. It is here at Horizon Audio that her songwriter’s demos are engineered and the mastering is done by Jamey & Richard Harrow at Thunderous Mastering. Jacqueline found a mentor in Dick Damron, who’s words of encouragment have inspired her. She also worked with the late Farley Mowat on her song ‘And No Birds Sang On The Beach Of Sicily’, a song about his story during the WWll battle on the banks of Sicily. He wished her “Good ces to ye”. 

Jacqueline is also enjoying co-writing with some great musicians.

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