DE60 Ni’Ela Rocks | The Girl with a Gypsy Soul Sings about Angels’ Wings

Ni’Ela Rocks | The Girl with a Gypsy Soul Sings about Angels’ Wings - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

This angel certainly does love to fly!

Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, singer/songwriter, audio/video artist, and master storyteller. On today’s episode, we go all the way to Houston, Texas, to visit the girl with a gypsy soul - Ni’ela Rocks!

Ni’ela is a DJ/singer-songwriter who loves to travel. She is passionate about her music, and today she is starting her own beverage company. With her free spirit and adventurous nature, one can only imagine how unique her music is! Check out the beautiful and talented Ni’ela Rocks on the dHarmic Evolution podcast!

On this episode:

  • Learn about the background of her unique name!

  • Ni’ela shares her songwriting style

  • This girl with a gypsy soul has always been traveling and jetsetting! How cool is that?

  • Did you know Ni’ela recorded her first song in second grade! Whaat!

  • Ni’ela tells us about the book she’s working on - it’s her life story!

  • She talks about her gigs and her rock band right now

  • Find out what Ni’ela thinks about the music business

  • Listen to what she plans for her future in her music career

Ni’ela Rocks songs featured:

  • Make Me Feel

  • Angels Need to Fly

  • Keep on Rockin’

  • Drfited


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Instagram: @nielarocks


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