DE83 Jeri Wade | Getting the Groove on with Neo Soul

Jeri Wade | Getting the Groove on with Neo Soul - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Mixing up the old school and modern hip-hop and rap – that’s Jeri Wade’s groove!

Let’s head on over to Michigan and check out the unique fusion music – neo soul, if you may! Jeri Wade is a model, she’s a singer-songwriter, and she’s an actress now too! The play she stars on, While She Waits, will premier on the 30th of April. Man, this girl totally does it all!

I enjoyed talking with Jeri – we discussed her songwriting process, the unique use of the harp on one of her songs, social media, and the Jammies! You gotta listen to what the Jammies are! I must get one soon!

On this episode:

  • Jeri talks about her very musical upbringing and what inspired her to start singing

  • Her influences – of course it includes Aretha Franklin!

  • She tells me how much she loves listening to old school and new, modern music – which makes the music she creates so unique!

  • We get introduced to the Jammie Awards. Say what? You gotta check out what it is!

  • Listen up to everything Jeri is excited about for the year!

Jeri Wade songs featured:

  • No More

  • Mind Ganes

  • Nice2MeetU

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