DE99 Nathalie Miranda | Exciting talent from the UK

Nathalie Miranda | Exciting talent from the UK - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Nathalie Miranda and her massive vocal range hail from London, England.

At age 3, Nathalie decided to become a singer – and here we are! Inspired by the likes of Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and Christina Aguilera, Nathalie wants to make music that reflects her inner self.

“If I’ve been through something, I will get inspired to write”

“Im quite retro, so I tend to use words like “dictaphone”

“There’s a place in Northwest London called “Camden” its a major major, scene for musicians, everybody knows Camden”

Nathalie Miranda features songs:

* Hotshot

* Just Can’t Get Enough

* Right On Time

* Standing Tall

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