DE161 Cynthia Brando | Ubiquitous musical spirit championing the love and the talent of others for the benefit of all

So glad to have you all back on the dHarmic Evolution podcast with your host, James Kevin O’Connor. We are in sunny LA California today with charismatic and enchanting Cynthia Brando.

She embraces all things spiritual, her aura is enriching and enlightening, in addition to being an essay writer, she has a book coming out, a new album, and is the author and creator of Music Emerging, an organization so selflessly dedicated to the aspirations of other artists, creators, and musicians. Plug in your podcast and let’s spend some quality time with Cynthia Brando! 

On this episode:
Performing as a solo, duo, and the love of street performing
“In the Here and the Now”
Influences, Patsy Cline, Sam Cooke, Amy Winehouse
Creator and Author of “Music Emerging” and Affirmations for the working Musician
The new album coming in June “The Treehouse sessions”

Cynthia songs featured:
-Across The Water
-In the Here and the Now






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