A great swimmer and a superb singer! Yes, she is!

Amelia Presley, distant cousin of the King of Rock, is on the show today! Guess what! We talk about a lot of awesome stuff that will surely get you up and rockin’! From songwriting process to recording to performing, we go through all things music-related with Amelia!

On this episode, we also discuss social media and the role it plays on her music career! You definitely need to check it out!

My favorite parts:

  • I loved listening to Amelia’s music – really powerful voice and production is stellar! Check out her songs on this episode!

  • Did you know that Amelia is also part of the Coast Guard? Wow!

  • She talks about working with Jill Pavel on the Heart Songs for Veterans label. What a great way of showing you care for the heroes of the US.

  • Amelia is performing at the CMAs! Isn’t that the most awesome thing?

  • Not only is she a rockin’ musician, she’s also a mom and wife! She’s having a little girl in July – another rock star in the making, perhaps?

  • Listen in as Amelia talks about what’s she’s excited about and what’s up and coming in her world!

Amelia Presley songs featured:

  • Here Comes Trouble

  • Southern Vacation

  • Drop the Hammer

  • Hard-headed Mama

Reach out to Amelia Presley



Twitter: @amelia_presley

Instagram: @ameliapresleymusic

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