Spotlight Series No 2, Featuring Stand Out Artists & Future dHarmic Stars!

Spotlight Series No 2, Featuring Stand Out Artists & Future dHarmic Stars!

Welcome to episode #293 of dHarmic Evolution

Todays show is very special. I will be featuring four of the best interviews I have done on the dHarmic Evolution. The links to the full interviews will be shown below. 

Lets indulge in the stories and music of these singer-songwriters, vocalists, and musicians who are certainly extra special in what they do.  

So, who do we have today? We have: 

Luna Keller  
Marc Jordan  
Alyssa Marie Coon
Savannah Morris  

Interview with Luna Keller

Our first ever Spanish artist. Luna Keller is all the way from the Canary Islands. I was very honored to have her on the show six months ago. With so much experience, talent, and passion at such a tender age, Luna Kellers unique blend of songwriting, teamwork production, and instrument playing will dazzle any music fan out of their seats! 

Lunas song featured on the show today is Alice is in love with a Mad Hatter 

You can listen to Lunas full interview here: 

Interview with Marc Jordan

Next is a true music legend, brilliant songwriter, music inspiration, and a talented artist from Canada, Marc Jordan. Additionally, he is the writer of Rod Stewarts famous song Rhythm of my Heart and has written many other hits for major artists. 

Jordan has already been the recipient of several music awards including the ASCAP, JUNO, and the Smooth awards. Despite having already accomplished so much in the industry, the drive and passion that Jordan has for music and songwriting, according to him, is deeper and more profound than its ever been. 

Marcs song featured on this episode is a romantic smooth jazz rendition of Joni Mitchells Both Sides Now 

You can listen to Marcs full interview here: 

Interview with Alyssa Marie Coon 

Now lets go down to Florida as we listen to Alyssa Marie Coons music. I think she was 15 or 16 when she guested on the show. Her vocals are simply incredible, listening to her, you could easily forget that shes just a teenager. Not only does this young woman have undoubtedly a great and special voice, but she is also a gifted songwriter who plays piano, guitar, and ukulele.  

Listen to Alyssas featured song on this episode Country Girl 

You can listen to Alyssas full interview here: 

Savannah Morris

Last but not least is Savannah Morris from Nashville, Tennessee. As one of the 8 Nashville Natives, Savannah feels blessed both career-wise and socially by networking and linking with a lot of the Native locals in the music and entertainment industry, all of whom have supported and helped her evolve and get better with her music. 

Moreover, I want to ask everyone to pray for Savannah. She has recently recovered from COVID-19. On the other hand, she has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and is now being treated.  

Savannah comes from royalty. Her whole family is rooted in music. If my memory serves me right, her father still plays for Loretta Lynn and her mom has done vocals for Elvis Presley, and many other huge stars. 

Listen to Savannahs featured song on the show Kudzu (a wildflower that grows in Tennessee) 

You can listen to Savannahs full interview here: 


00:25 Spotlight Series Number Two 

2:56 Luna Keller  

4:08 Listen to Alice is in Love with a Mad Hatter by Luna Keller  

7:37 Marc Jordan 

9:11 Listen to the rendition of Both Sides Now by Marc Jordan 

16:26 Alyssa Marie Coon 

17:32 Listen to Country Girl by Alyssa Marie Coon 

21:14 Savannah Morris 

23:26 Listen to Kudzu by Savannah Morris 

29:16 Listen to Connected by James Kevin OConnor 

Connect with Luna




Connect with Marc





Connect with Alyssa 

Connect with Savannah 

Selected links and mentions 

Joni Mitchell 

Rod Stewart 

Loretta Lynn 

Elvis Presley 

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