DE33 Kimberly Otte from Denver Colorado Sings and writes with Style!

Kimberly Otte from Denver Colorado Sings and writes with Style! - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Hello–I’m Kimberly, and I was born and raised in Nebraska. I have always loved music, but never had the confidence to pursue it–until now. 

After high school, I went into the military and lived in Hawaii for a time; I then moved to Denver and graduated from the Denver Art Institute. For a few years after college, I went through a hard time — acting out, rebelling, suffering emotional abuse, and not loving myself — all of this was caused by intense pain that originated in childhood. I searched for love through men, but of course, never found it. When I realized I was headed down a dark hole of destruction and may never get back, I knew I had to change. Since then, I’ve been taking several baby steps toward turning my life around.

My “aha” moment came one weekend, when a friend took me to a class on transforming your life. In that class, they said to go back in your mind to when you were a child — and remember what you always wanted to do. For me, that was music. So, I got a voice teacher, Jenna Laurise, who has been instrumental in teaching me about music and helping me to grow spiritually and as a musician. I also started learning about Metaphysics and retraining the way I think.

Music is my lifeline. It’s my therapy and a transformational tool in my life. Through music, I find myself and love myself, again — and step out of the shadows of the past to face the future without shame.

My goal is not only to connect to myself through music, but to inspire others to find their inner voices. I hope I find a way to reach all — especially women and girls who may have taken a darker path at one time or another in their lives, and are trying to find their way back, as well. 

No one has to walk alone. No one should be judged for what their pain has made them do.

I hope I make people think, and feel, that there is hope.

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— James Kevin O'Connor