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dHarmic Evolution had a chat with the great Oliver Sean recently. Even though most of you probably already know him, here’s a little introduction. Oliver became an MTV Europe music awards nominee, a VH1 top 10 artist, and the inspiration of many hundreds and thousands of music artists worldwide. 

This extraordinary singer/songwriter spent his peak years in the UK, Dubai, and Goa. He’s been incorporating all the different cultures in his music ever since. His exposure to fame and a successful career started in his teens. So, his press clippings have more than several hundred snippets, features, and reviews in broadcast mediums and prints worldwide. And, as of now, his film score is fantastic! In this interview, we will talk to Sean about his early years in the musical industry, his mother’s support, team, film score, and the rise of his successful music career. This conversation is going to be fun, so grab your popcorn and hop on!

Family Background & Traveling

When asked about what he would call his home, Oliver Sean said he was Portuguese by birth. He told James that even though he was born Portuguese, he spent most of his years in Goa and Dubai because his mother traveled a lot. “I was in a boarding school for several years while my mother worked. She was a single mom…” Oliver told O’Connor. The artist claims he owes his career and success to his hard-working mother, who did the best she could for her son. “I am what I am because of her – a world artist.”

Music & Cultural Influences 

Being in India, Oliver Sean says he took inspiration from the different classical instruments, like the tabla. However, he said he primarily loved rock music. “I was not into metal, but 80s and 90s rock I was into…” Despite this particular biased liking for rock music, Sean says that he also wanted to incorporate the different cultures around him and create music with these traditional instruments and sounds.

His first single on the radio that also got him nominated for best International Album of the Year was “I like it”. The song is very much of an acoustic rock genre, but there’s a charming, attractive piece in the middle of the song that incorporates the tabla instrument. Even though the eastern instrument has nothing to do with the song’s overall sound and music, Oliver Sean managed to make it rock and roll and incorporate it into the song beautifully. And this example is just one of many where he used the cultures around him as inspiration while creating his signature music pieces.

The Beginning Of A Career

“It started in Goa,” says the talented singer/songwriter. Oliver Sean says that he grew up in Goa and was particularly popular in the local newspaper thanks to the cover band work that he’d been doing there. He said that he had quite a community of friends and fans. However, his career really started off in London, where Oliver got his first break. The artist planned to go on a tour, so he packed his bags, got on the plane, picked up his guitar, and went to London. 

There, he started doing little gigs like performing in local clubs. The endearing artist claims that he started writing to these places about his music. As they liked his work and personality, they invited him over to perform for an audience. Soon after, he was performing at these places on invitations, and it wasn’t long before Sky TV invited Sean over. So, when Oliver Sean was 19 years old, he made an appearance on TV, where he performed his original songs.

 From there, he made an impact on the audience and the music industry and started living his dream! Soon after, MTV came across Oliver’s work and liked it! They showcased artists on their platform and Oliver Sean was featured on MTV. Oliver tells dHarmic Evolution that he was studying for an MBA during this time, and he always had a very marketing-oriented mindset. So, even when he was a musician, he brought his business and marketing skills to fair use and figured out ways to advertise his skills. In fact, Oliver Sean was one of the only music artists in the region struggling to make a name independently. Today, he’s working with filmmakers, creating visual and audio content, and doing so much more.

Who Inspires Oliver Sean?

Growing up, Oliver Sean says he massively gravitated towards the famous artists of his time like Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart. He said that these artists were his idols and he thought their songs resonated well with his own voice. He also said that during his time in the cover band, he found the time to explore his skills and find his real musical talent. Sean also added that he has never tried to copy anyone while creating music or singing a song. However, he admits that while learning how to play the guitar, he copied other guitar players like many other artists. But he never tried to copy another artist while writing music or creating it. “It just came out, whatever I was doing. Obviously, the influences were there subconsciously..” says Oliver Sean, the eclectic artist.

Self-Production And Management

Oliver Sean says he has always been self-produced. “The last say is always mine,” says the singer/songwriter in his interview. He confessed that even though he is more of a dictator in the studio, he is very open-minded. His music engineers are of great help, and he always takes suggestions and advice from them. “Engineers do so much for you that you don’t realize,” he said as he appreciated his team, “They’re kind of like co-producer in a way.”

Oliver Sean also revealed that his mother has always been a co-producer for him as well. He said that even though he has many talented people on the team, he still goes to his mother for the final opinion. He also revealed that his mother had always managed all of his musical endeavors during his teenage years. Sean’s mother has a lot of experience in this domain, and Sean was her only gig for many years. As his record handle grew, she used her professional business skills to help many other artists as well. 

Music In The Age Of Social Media

Lucky for his young fan following, Oliver Sean is an active social media user. In his interview, he told James that he particularly loves Facebook and can’t “get away from it.” He also added that he’s aware that the younger generation is more fond of Instagram. “Now I’ve gotten more into Instagram, but you have to have a strong Facebook, it’s kind of like email, you can’t not have an account,” says the socially active artist. Sean admits that he’s been more active on Instagram now, and he’s getting a massive response from his fans and following. However, he said that a musician couldn’t choose one and leave the other. 

Even though it’s hard and takes a lot of time, Oliver Sean says you need to push through and be active on social media platforms. “Do the Facebook, do the Instagram, do the Twitter, do the YouTube, do the SoundCloud, and now, more than anything, do the Spotify”. As an independent musician, Oliver Sean tells dHarmic Evolution that he believes social media can help you power your music career. “Recently, Woke Up And Kissed You did so well on Spotify. It was iTunes number 1 in Turkey.

For an independent artist, that’s amazing”. We agree with Oliver Sean when he says that you can do so much independently, even without a record company. He confessed that social media is an excellent way of approaching and giving back to your fans and then getting a response from them. They promote you, download your songs, and support you so much that you are hitting the charts in no time.

Wrapping Up

Our interview with Oliver Sean was insightful.  Oliver very rightfully says, if there’s one thing that every professional should hear, it’s that you have to be very serious about your profession. “If you keep it as a hobby, people will treat it as a hobby”. Jumping on to opportunities and taking advantage of them soon makes an artist professionally vigilant. As a result, they’re more active and climb the success ladder sooner than others. Another important lesson to take from Sean is always to be unique and original. While taking inspiration and being influenced is a good thing, downright copying someone’s content doesn’t help an artist grow.

 And even though Oliver started his career in music very early, he never let the teenage fame and success numb his professionalism and dedication. Today, he’s an active filmmaker, cinematographer, and producer for music videos. The fact that he’s been to so many places in the world like Dubai and London and originating from a rich Goa culture, his music is unique and culturally-inclusive. We hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did. Give us your feedback and tell us who you’d like to see on the next episode of dHarmic Evolution podcast!

Oliver Sean reminded all of us at dHarmic Evolution of the importance of pursuing your dreams with professionalism and absolute seriousness. If you’re going to do something, make sure you give it your all. The right fans and support will follow of its own accord as long as you do the work. For more inspiring stories of musicians and artists, check out our podcast here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Oliver Sean?

Oliver Sean is a singer-songwriter based in England. Born in Dubai, Sean has spent quite a lot of his time living and traveling abroad in places in the U.K and Dubai. His music is inspired by the different cultures of the places he’s been to. Oliver Sean’s global music style has become a trademark over the years and is instantly recognizable. 

2. What kind of music does Oliver Sean create?

Oliver Sean’s music is quite unique in the sense that it is inspired by different cultures. Although his music features American acoustic rock and contemporary influences, his style overall is very global. His music features a hint of different genres including, but not limited to, Rock, Alternative rock, Acoustic music, Americana, Blues rock, Skiffle, Worldbeat and Folk. 

3. Where to listen to Oliver Sean’s music?

Oliver Sean’s music can be found on YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify. You can also connect with the artist on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Also, check out news for upcoming shows and new releases on his official website

4. Where to listen to a podcast with Oliver Sean?

You can listen to our entire conversation with Oliver Sean on the dHarmic Evolution Podcast. Be sure to let us know what you think of it. We love hearing from you. 

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