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Meet Your Host

“Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travail.” – Theodore Dreiser

James Kevin O’Connor’s approach to his musical artistry is like a fine aged wine: Full-bodied and mindfulness in one comprehensive package called, Soul. He approaches life–his life as all true artists do: To create is their sustenance, their honey, their breath.

His sense of himself is harmoniously in sync with his world around him. He is as complex as his lyrics and as strong in his resolve to live out his dharmic, creative plan, to its very (sweet) end.

Currently in 71 countries and still growing, the show now also a Radio/TV program that is distributed through his Youtube TV channel, “The James O’Connor Agency” channel.

The entire world is able to access these phenomenal shows, (available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Spotify, Pandora, and now Youtube) which have launched promising new talent as well as enhancing the careers of rising performers in the industry. James is also the co-songwriter and lead vocalist of the unique Christian pop rock/gospel band, “MERCY” with Bishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson, PhD. D.D. The ten songs produced and Mastered on music row in Nashville, TN, were released in early 2017. This very unique debut album entitled “I AM VICTORIOUS” is available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major retail music outlets.

James is also developing a very unique television show that will feature some star studded performances from the up and coming future Grammy winners that you have not heard of yet, but stay in tune with all of his brands, you will be hearing about this phenomenal show very soon!

A liberation from conventionality and suppression to the geography of one’s soul, a map to ourselves that only we have the power to navigate and heal. Tune in to the “Geography of your Soul”

James Kevin O'Connor


Dharmic Evolution brings such interesting content and guests on this podcast. The host, O’Connor, brings a strong, lively voice that inspires a great conversation with his guests. For anyone who is creative, it’s a must to have in the podcast library especially if they are a singer, songwriter, artist, writer. TJH
Teresa aka Tjoy
I’ve had the unique experience of both listening to Dharmic Evolution shows and being a guest! The host, James Kevin O’Connor, is a Master Interviewer, Inspirational Guide, and Generous Spirit! With skill, kindness, wit, and humor, James takes both his guest’s and his audience on a journey of discovery and evolution. Get to know the stars of tomorrow, while at the same time reconnecting to your own passions and purpose!
James is not only incredibly talented with a captivating voice, but he brings on incredible guests that help inspire your journey! Thanks, James I really enjoy tuning in!
by Jenarh
James Kevin O’Connor is an incredible host with an amazing voice that fits perfectly this great quality show! I’m glad to have had such a nice and substantial interview with James!
Christine Boviatsou ("Idril"), Athens Greece
Fantastic, professional, brilliant and humbly intriguing. Canada loves James Kevin O’Connor! A true inspirational legend!! As for Jacqueline Kellock, what a powerful writer. Lead me back home ,and no bird sang are truly beautiful!
Shannon (from Canada)
Love it””Insightful, entertaining, and downright wonderful! Loving listening to this show!!!! Thanks for the great content and approach!! I first got interviewed, now I’m a fan!
Jodi Fedor (from Canada)
Awesome Podcast” James Kevin O’Connor really dives into the lives of the musicians he interviews! You can tell he really cares, and, is a musician himself............... Love this show!
Kimberly Otte
Talented” I enjoy this podcast with James Kevin O’Connor, he is so talented, dynamic, and, a “true artist”. He brings out the best in people on his interviews. If you need an uplift today, listen in.......James Kevin will take you there
Heather Ann Havenwood
Love James Kevin O’Connor Energy! I’m a big believer in being open to good energy and positivity. James Kevin O’Connor sets the stage for a really honest, truthful conversation that I look forward to every time I listen in. The added twist of music and soul that Kevin Integrates into the interviews makes it special to listen in if you enjoy those things. Can’t recommend James Kevin enough!
Dr Christopher Stepien
Many of the interviews are deep and insightful, but also, James Kevin O’Connor Interviews with a light-hearted humorous style that makes it interesting. The comedy bits are a riot! Comic genius! interviews makes it special to listen in if you enjoy those things. Can’t recommend James Kevin O’Connor enough!
Glenn Hoagland
James Kevin O’Connor is incredibly inspiring and positive! Every time I hear his voice, I’m instantly uplifted and put into a better state of mind and being. His authenticity is contagious!
Katie Leiher-Heroes CrossFit
I have been on both sides of a lot of Podcasts, and James Kevin O’Connor was my best experience. He just has a Zen way of bringing the story out of us and I would be happy to do it again with him! I recommend listening to many of these shows!
Chris Lipper
— James Kevin O'Connor
Thank you to all of the special artists, authors, speakers, thought leaders and all who share their talent, the world is so much a better place with you in it!
James Kevin O'Connor


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