DE181 Genevieve Vitanzo | Born to Create, Nurture and Inspire both Mankind and Nature, a very special Voice in the World!

Genevieve Vitanzo, Born to Create, Nurture and Inspire both Mankind and Nature, a very special Voice in the World!

She is a Vagabond, just back from South Africa, where she spent some time out in the bush.

On today’s show:

“Elephants outside your front door, it made me stop, watch and listen.”

“In our society where we are so used to using our eyes for everything, but when you are in the bush, because so many things are camouflaged, you have to start relying on your other senses, like your sense of smell or and your sense of hearing, and your eyes are used for tracking, like looking down in the sand to see what tracks are there, and how fresh they are.”

“The first time I came back to the States after being in South Africa for 6 months I was completely overwhelmed by the onslaught of different sounds that I had previously brushed away as white noise, were all of sudden now extreme.”

“I met some friends in Cape town that found out that I was a singer/songwriter and asked me to come into a studio and do some session work.”

“If you give me something to work on that I am interested in, you will lose me, I’ll be gone for days at a time working on that one thing, I’ll be so heavily focused on it that I won’t eat or drink for like 3 days.”

Imagine if Belle had a little more growl and was a piano-playing singer/songwriter who moved to the middle of the South African bush to work with wildlife and use her music to benefit conservation.


Well, she’s real. Meet Genevieve.

Now back in the US, she’s hitting stages and gracing soundtracks again with her timeless tunes and stellar voice.

Balancing sweet and sexy, smart and sassy, Genevieve is an all-around entertainer, a charismatic and unique talent who has been wowing audiences as a singer/songwriter since first taking the stage at 6 years old. She began in music much like other musicians begin – music chose her. As a baby, she would literally wake up singing, her family tracked her down by following her voice. At age six, she taught herself to play the piano, and before reaching her teenage years, she had also mastered the clarinet, recorder, and drums. She had an amazing ability to remember music – particularly from films – and would sit at the piano for hours, alternating between recreating what she’d heard and created her own soundtracks.

Always a gifted writer, she didn’t take very long to begin putting words to the music. By 8th grade, she’d even co-written a musical.

She’s performed all over the country and overseas, singing the National Anthem at major league baseball games, Christmas carols at the White House, and original songs at venerated venues such as the Kennedy Center. Her music has been featured on TV shows, movies, commercials, and video games, and she’s lent her voice to commercials, cartoons, children’s songs, and other artists’ CDs. She even sang a Zulu lullaby for a Pampers commercial. Currently, she is working on a soundtrack for a children’s book she wrote. Occasionally, she finds time to sleep.


Featured tracks:

– Fragile –
– Back of My Hand –
– Giddy up Cowboy –
– The Sum of All Things –

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