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Rosanne Leslie Interview - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Rosanne (little warrior) Leslie

Contemplation Marks, is a web-based company of inspirational greeting cards, books and limited edition novelty products. Its founder, New York City based, life-coach, R.A. Leslie is the author of the enlightening fairy tale, “Do You Know The Sound of Throwing Stars Far?,” and the thought provoking romance, “Chasing Rainbows”.

With over twenty years of creative writing experience, R.A. Leslie has been featured at Barnes & Noble Book Stores, Borders Books & Music and has given workshops and discussions on the creative process at elementary schools and high schools. Currently, Ms. Leslie’s leads provocative discussions on her Heart vs. Mind series. These enlightening conversations revolve around her romance, “Chasing Rainbows”, and her blog, “Contemplate This”.

With directed imagination, Ms. Leslie works with clients of all ages to help them tap into the well-spring that resides in all of us. “Inside each of us there is a pulse, a feeling that cannot be denied, no matter how hard we try to shackle it, the heart is the intelligence that leads us away from all things unreal and meaningless and directly and relentlessly towards everything that matters. If we can think with our hearts, we can imagine. If we can imagine, anything is possible… We can all inspire each other to not deny our heart its true callings. “

Through creatively directing her daily imaginings into artful thought forms and actions, R.A. Leslie has created a dynamic world as a passionate writer, motivational speaker, life-coach and proud mother to Conor Marie, Jack and Dylan.

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— James Kevin O'Connor

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