DE217 Ivy Alex, a unique and very special Singer/Songwriter

Ivy Alex, a unique and very special Singer/Songwriter - dHarmic Evolution Podcast
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Soon to be released EP titled “Fool for Love”

Pianist, singer-songstress and Berklee Alumni Ivy Alex is paving a new path for music with her mixed styles of jazz, classical, neo-soul, and pop. The gypsy pianist, singer, composer and producer writes on subjects of love, loss, heartbreak, and inner wisdom.

Angelic, grooving melodies paired with dynamic, emotional storytelling~

With over 100 songs in her prolific catalog, IVY is set to release her debut EP this year.

Check out her amazing video “Waterfalls” on Youtube

Best quotes from Ivy:

“When I was 18 I learned how to syncopate”

“I have been writing since I was 10 that I can remember, it was kind of like ballad rock then, then after Berkley, it was a lot of 5/4 and 6/8 rhythms and just exploring different feelings”

“I wouldn’t want to write in one type of genre for the rest of my life, in fact, I’m releasing an EP soon, and I’m already working on a mixtape of beats, it’s going to be all instrumentals, but it’s fun weaving in and out of genres”

“I will say that I’m hyped about these loops, because the loops are awesome, it’s very freeing, it’s a different instrument kind of, and that right now for me is so exhilarating, because I’m not doing it for money, I’m not doing it for anything, it’s just totally
freeing, and when I blend those tracks together, I just feel like it’s the best music in the world that I’m creating, and it just makes me so elated, and that’s why I do this”

“I like to go to a Kava bar called Bula cafe, which is herein Saint Pete’s I used to work there when I was really young, and its just a place where people get together and they drink this Kava which mellows you out, and I am a very rambunctious person anyway I’ve got a lot of fires, so its really good for me instead of coffee, and it’s very communal”

“I really love getting inspired by people like Abraham Hicks, and Tony Robbins, and Oprah, I feel like I’m always learning and journaling my thoughts down, I write 5 pages a day, and I do lots of walking, I have two dogs that I take care of, so lots of walking”

“I recorded Waterfalls on a C4 Baby Grand, I love a real piano, recording on a real piano, you capture all of the emotion that my fingers can do, it had to be on a Yamaha, it had to be bright, and it had to be a real piano it just had to be, and plus I also wrote the song on a real piano, I think that’s the key, I wrote the song on a baby grand black Yamaha piano, which I play every night”

“If anybody wants to sponsor me for my piano playing reach out!”

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Ivy Alex

Ivy Alex

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