DE223 Kylie Odetta is back with a new sound and lots of Sunshine!

Kylie Odetta is back with a new sound and lots of Sunshine! - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

James welcomes back singer Kylie Odetta to the Dharmic Evolution Podcast in episode 223 to discuss what she’s been up to since her stint living in New York City, how her tone has changed in her music, touring with her band, the importance of having ‘quiet time’ in her daily routine, the new music video for Under the Sun, and so much more! 

“I just want people to experience life to the fullest…I hope that you are just able to experience freedom and confidence, and relaxed joy as you go throughout your life. Know how loved you are by me, by so many people in your life, by the God who created this entire universe, that you are truly unique and special to you, and I just hope that you would embrace the things that make you different and walk confidently in your life.”

Listen to the show to hear these four riveting songs by Kylie! 

Connect with Kylie on her website and on Instagram to keep up with her new music, upcoming shows, what she’s up to, and her new puppy – Zella!

Want to learn more about the topics discussed in the show? Check out the links below!

Sofar Sounds

Salvation Army

You can listen to Kylie on episode DE36 too.

Kylie’s band: Steven Galloway (sax player) Tim Eichelberger (bass player) Alex Hunnicutt (guitar player) Shane Nelson (drummer) and Lori Hinze (Kylies Mom)

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