DE45 Jennifer Logue Teaches us How To ‘Rock On Philly” Jenn Has A Heart & Voice of Gold!

Jennifer Logue Teaches us How To ‘Rock On Philly” Jenn Has A Heart & Voice of Gold! - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Jennifer Logue is a singer/songwriter with a lot of soul and a knack for writing catchy hooks. Her music has appeared on MTV and ABC as well as film. She’s performed at Virgin Mobile Freefest, CMJ, the Madeira Film Festival, and unofficially at SXSW.

As an artist, she got back into the game only recently, after taking a two year hiatus to work more behind the scenes, promoting other acts with the website she founded, Rock On Philly.

In 2015, after heartbreak, a major health scare, and the death of a friend and mentor, Jennifer found refuge in music once again: 

“I don’t know why I stopped making music. I guess a part of me felt that I gave it a shot and it was time to try something else. Maybe I just wasn’t good enough… But when you’re an artist and you don’t create art, you’re left with this gaping hole. Giving up for a while reminded me why I started making music in the first place. It wasn’t about being ‘successful,’ it was about connecting with people on an emotional level, on a human level. It was also my own emotional release, my therapy. It feels so good to be back and to have my heart in the right place.”

Songs are like your kids, you want them to grow up, and see that they are taken care of

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