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Sarantos | Songwriting from the Heart - dHarmic Evolution Podcast

Indeed a descendant of the Greek gods!

Welcome back to the dHarmic Evolution podcast with me James Kevin O’Connor, ger/songwriter, audio/video artist, and master storyteller. On today’s episode, we a Greek musician living in Chicago: Sarantos.

Sarantos keeps himself busy with writing and producing music, as well as writing a trilogy! Yes! He’s that creative – and that busy! During the interview, he tells me about how it is being an indie artist and what keeps him up and about the entire year. I admire this man’s consistency, as well as his creativity. And to think he does everything himself! My headphones are off to this guy! Listen in to learn more about Sarantos

On this episode:

  • Sarantos tells us about love and his song “Easy to Believe.” Listen in to what he has to say!
  • He talks about the genre he experimented with on his first album; and how he moved on to the type of music he does now
  • How does Sarantos do all his music production? Find out on the interview!
  • This guy is just the busiest! His schedule is packed! How does he balance a day job and putting up with the work needed to live his passion for music?
  • Guess what! The third book to his trilogy will be out soon!
  • He talks about a sad time in his life: the passing away of his father and the song he wrote about him.

Sarantos songs featured:

  • Easy to Believe
  • What If I Never See You Again
  • Back and Forth

Follow Sarantos:


Twitter: @sarantosmelogia


Instagram: @sarantosmelogia


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